Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jay Dardenne in Bossier/Caddo looking for votes

Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne and Sammy Kershaw made an appearance at the Caddo and Bossier Parish courthouses today.  Dardenne is seeking votes for Lt. Governor in next week's election.  Kershaw, who carried Bossier Parish in the primary election, is pictured here with Dardenne at the Bossier Parish Courthouse.  They posed for My Bossier's part-time, semi-official, unpaid photographer.
Jay Dardenne, Sammy Kershaw


  1. You need to hire a new photographer. I know you gots the coins to do it.

    Just sayin'...

    Did you get Sammy's autograph?

    Nyuk! WV: krudnes

  2. If you knew my part-time, semi-official, unpaid photographer you wouldn't sleep well tonight after that statement! Listen for breaking glass or a door being kicked in! She doesn't live that far from you!

  3. Ooooops!

    Forget what I said. It's the pain-killers talkin'...

  4. Not that easy Bud, she'll be on here checking her work in a while.

  5. Can you possibly delete that first comment?


  6. Too late, she's seen it. When she gets in from her kids ball game, and to quote "He'll be sorry when I get home".

  7. Ok Andy for your information I was not ask but told to get a picture. I am not a professional photographer nor do I desire to be one. Jim in the future if you need any last minute photos taken for the blog please call Andy from Andy's Place.

  8. Jenny, how about I buy your lunch one day and you can keep your job as the part-time, semi-official, unpaid photographer for My Bossier?
    In case of your inability at any time to do so, I'll have Andy grab the old Kodachrome and come to work!

  9. Ok. That'll do for now. What the heck is a Kodachrome?? I used an IPhone.

  10. What is a Kodachrome, she asks? My Lord. I'll have to add a song to the blog now!
    (Kodachrome was a brand name for film).

  11. Nyuk!

    Jenny, no offense intended. I thought Jimbo had taken the picture himself, and was ragging him.

    Actually it's a pretty good shot for an Iphone.

    Jenny must be young. Kocachrome...please don't take it away!

  12. Andy I was just giving you a hard time. I wasn't offended at all. I knew it was all in good fun.

  13. Definitely fun, Jenny! I can take it...and truly enjoy it! Especially whilst dealing with youngsters that don't know what Kodachrome is.

    Have you ever even seen slides?

    Jeepers, I'm old...

    HA! My word verification is "doodisti" Nyuk...


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