Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drunk kills woman on I-20

A 66 year old woman was killed last night when she had car trouble on I-20 near Hamilton Road.  She got out of her car and was hit by a car which left the scene.  She was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.
Luis Diaz of Shreveport later called 911 and said that he had hit someone on I-20.  Diaz has been charged with vehicular homicide, DWI second offense, felony hit and run and driving without a license.


  1. Jim, I heard about this early today. A real shame, for sure. But, the report I heard said that the lady that was killed pulled off to the left side of the I.

    If true, that is A BAD IDEA! And, the report said she got out of the car. Also a bad idea if you stand in front of, or directly behind your car.

    The fact that this guy was charged with DWI, hit and run, and no license pretty well fills in the blanks on many things. But, the guy called to report it himself?

    This whole thing is really sad. Of course it is RAAAAAAAACIST to assume that a "Diaz" would not have a driver's license, but I see it every day, so I'm not surprised.

  2. Until we get the details, hard to know. I'm thinkg the car must have stalled and the lady did the best she knew how. Just a tragic situation.

  3. Tragic, indeed, Jim. I guess we'll get the details. But, I see people trying to change tires on the I, or pull in that tiny left thingy all the time.

    If memory serves, we had a guy get killed changing a tire on the I just a few years ago.

    I saw one the other day, and thought, "that guy is gonna get whacked!"

    Of course, that doesn't excuse the offenses of Luis Diaz...but, I hope it serves as a warning to others.


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