Friday, October 15, 2010

Couple living in Section 8 housing donates $5,000 to Glover campaign

I read Rex Moncrief’s blog post at Conservative Drink this morning about some questionable donations to the Cedric Glover campaign.
The donations were made by Taro Harvey, Jr (pictured here with Glover on election night), and his wife Francine. Each donated $2,500 to the Glover campaign. The controversy about the donations stems from the fact that the Harveys live at Cooper Road Plaza, a Section 8 housing facility. This means that the Harveys have a good part of their rent paid by a government housing program because they have certified that they do not have enough income to pay rent on their own.
I did verify that everyone who lives at Cooper Road Plaza receives Section 8 assistance. I also verified that the Harveys reside there.
This raises the obvious question: If you have your rent subsidized by the government because of your low income, how do you and your wife afford $5,000 in contributions to a political campaign?
I attempted to contact Mr. Harvey by phone, but the number listed for him has been disconnected.
This presents another interesting question, did the Harveys donate their own personal money to the campaign or were they just a 'pass through' to get money to the campaign illegally?
Either way, this is not going to have a good outcome for Harvey.
Theresa Mays, who lives in the same complex, also donated $2,500 to Glover’s campaign.
This is a link to the Glover filing with the Louisiana Ethics Board that reflects the contributions.


  1. I would love to be updated on this story when the truth leaks. Great article, Jim.

  2. When someone else is paying ALL of your expenses, you will have more expendable cash on hand.
    I'm not saying anything intentional dishonest occurred here, but the qustion I have is if can be proven these funds came from federal welfare money given to the Section 8 residents is Glover legally obligated to return it? After all it is, or was, taxpayer money.
    Another question arises is if thses funds were gain from illicit enterprises, and we know nothing like that ever happens in Section 8 Housing, and it was proven to be illict gains, is Glover oblogated to forfiet thse funds?
    I don't known just courious.

  3. G.R., you are obviously a racist. Anyone that asks relevant, probing questions about black folks is.

    Shame on you!

  4. Oh please Mr. Andy, don't call me a racist. I don't wanna be no racist. I relent. I withdraw my question.They have free reign to subvert the law, but PLEEEEEEZE Mr. Andy don't call me a racist.

  5. Too late, G.R.!!! You have done crossed over the line. It shall never be forgiven.

    I mean, we are talking about people whose parents stood on bridges, and got hosed down by Bull Conner. They have earned the right to live in Section 8 Housing...and to funnel illegal contributions if they choose to do so.

    You are hopeless! We may have to make you wear a Scarlet N on your t-shirt, or sumpin'...

  6. Hey Andy, I just looked at the post Jim did last week about Vitter's, and someone just posted a recent comment that may refer to you as a racist for using the word "wetback", so how do you like them apples? Hmmmmm?
    Now you know how it feels. So nanny nanny boo boo!

  7. Yeah, I saw that G.R. I subscribe to comments, and got an e-mail with it in there a couple of hours ago.

    I am planning to address that...right after I thoroughly dress you down for your racist inquiry. I just ain't got a round 'tuit yet.

    Sigh...The things I go through because I comment over here!

  8. I would give you a round tuit, but it's almost 4 o'clock and getting off work time, so it's time to quit screwing off, because I'll be on my time in a few minutes. We'll finish this dicussion later.

  9. Was looking at the Ethics Board's website... looks like Glover tried to change it the next day. Its the very bottom filing and it says "superseded by filing..." and has a different link where the names and addresses have been changed... interesting!!!

  10. De, thanks, will check that out. I wasn't initially blaming Glover, but that certainly makes it suspicious.
    Now, Andy and G.R.:
    Every Friday afternoon I am gone for about 4 or 5 hours.
    Every Friday afternoon about the time I leave the comment section turns into the Andy & G.R. show.
    Anything to say for yourselves?

  11. Jim,

    Isn't it obvious that I cave easily to peer pressure?

  12. Andy,

    What are you doing next Friday?

  13. Dangit, G.R....I shall be at work next Friday afternoon, and unable to access a comprutuh.

    Can we maybe make on Saturday? I'll be free then.

  14. I knew it was a plot between you two!

  15. Andy,

    Sorry, I won't be at work, and I don't screw off on my time. But who knows, maybe I'll be called in on Saturday.

  16. This is big. Hope Glover has some answers for this. It might be time for a debate.

    Man shreveport is corrupt.

  17. Shreveport?, Man, you better look at Bossier (city and parish) too.

  18. Looks like there might be a lying, scheming, crooked politician around here. Who would have ever thought such a shocking thing could happen in Louisiana?

  19. Looks like there might be a lying, scheming, crooked politician around here. Who would have ever thought such a shocking thing could happen in Louisiana?

  20. There's a part II.

    Apparently Glover is trying to cover this up. He replaced the names.

    But he still paid them to work on Election day.


    The link.

  22. Anon @ 11:09,

    I looked at the bottom of the website and see that it's paid for by Brian Wooley for Mayor. Not exactly an unbiased website there.

    I live in Bossier CIty, so I have no dog in this hunt, but if I did, I feel I wouldn't have warm and fuzzy feelings about Wooley either.

    From what I understand, since Burrell is out of the race, Wooley is Hightower's guy, and we all know what Hightower did to the city, and I have a feeling Wooley will be Hightower's Mini Me.

    Just like on the South Park episode a couple of years ago. Do we vote for a turd sandwich or a douche?

  23. @ G.R. I am a Wooley supporter and close to the campaign. The website is maintained by volunteers and promoted by Wooley which is why he has to place the legal disclaimer. 2 Things - the site is all factually backed-up by legal documents / records for your viewing. Whether Wooley's name is on it or not -the facts are the facts. As far as a "Hightower Mini me", that is a bit of a far fetched allegation - Wooley doesn't owe anyone anything and doesn't come from the "Republican establishment" nor does he come from any other "political establishment" or affiliate (to your Hightower comment). This presents an interesting opportunity for those on this side of the river - it is obvious that Glover is corrupt and that he is in the back pockets of the "Downtown club". Wooley would be a welcomed change from all of the political rigamarole.

  24. Anon @ 3:59 said,"Wooley would be a welcomed change from all of the political rigamarole."
    To that I say I'll wait and see. I've been around for a long time and have seen a lot of rodeos. My conclusion is the names change, but the game is always the same.
    glover has his cronies and Wooley has his, and no matter who wins political favors will be paid for at the public's expense, so don't piss down my back and tell me it's raining.

  25. I don't know if Wooley has any ties to Hightower, but it has been said that Burrell was backed by Hightower, and at a recent funeral Wooley and Burrell were seen coming in almost arm in arm, and Wooley was glad handing everything that had fingers on it. Might not mean anything, but there is the perception.


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