Friday, October 1, 2010

Election notes - includes links to Bossier School Board candidate interviews

Just a few observations about the election tomorrow.
Lt. Governor
We will come up with two final choices for Lt. Governor, as I don’t foresee anyone getting a plurality of votes.
My prediction is that the runoff on November 2 will be between Secretary of State Jay Dardenne and Sammy Kershaw.
I like Sammy Kershaw, who in his own words is ‘the only one running for Lt. Governor. Kershaw believes, and we all know, that the other candidates are trying to position themselves for a run for governor when Bobby Jindal steps up or out.
"So what that's telling me is, I'm the only one running for lieutenant governor. I don't need to wake up and pick up the phone every morning and ask, 'Is he dead yet?'"
The Shreveport Mayor’s race
Tomorrow will likewise give us runoff candidates for the Shreveport Mayor’s spot. Cedric Glover will be there, and either Bryan Wooley or David Cox.  I have believed all along that Cox was one to watch.
Back in August I made the following comment on Gerry Mays’ blog:
I think Cox is the one to watch. My prediction for the general would be Cox vs Glover.
That being said, my 'prediction record' is not exactly stellar.
Tuesday, August 10, 2010, 5:37:17 PM
Of course, predicting any election is a fool's errand, but it is fun and be honest, we all do it.
The Bossier School Board Race
The Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party has contacted every candidate in the contested seats in this race, and every candidate has submitted themselves to an interview except for one. Rick Ganey in District 6 did not respond to their request.
Check out your district and find out where your candidate stands on some important issues facing the board. 
As of the time that I'm publishing this, all the interviews are posted except for District 9.  Check the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party website for updates and look on the left side of the webpage.  Evodna Springer and Matt Sciba did a great job on these interviews.
UPDATE:  District 9 interview with Ed Jackson is now up.

District 1
Mike Dooley
Dr. Jack Raley
District 2
• Incumbent Unopposed
District 3
Allison Brigham
Morgan Johnson
District 4
Jo Jo Hamiter
Tammy Smith
District 5
• Incumbent Unopposed
District 6
Glen Bullard
• Rick Ganey NO RESPONSE
District 7
• Incumbent Unopposed
District 8
• Incumbent Unopposed
District 9

District 10
Sandra Darby
Lonzo Scheffield III
District 11
Barbara Rudd
Lindell Webb
District 12
Martin Bourgeois
Kay Padgett Byrd
Mike Tucker


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  3. i just love that the tea party completely failed in this race - where is evodna and sciba - ha - what a bunch of blowhards - dont you know - no one cares about your dribble


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