Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Thuggish Rand Paul volunteer stomps woman's head

Tim Profitt with Rand Paul
A Rand Paul supporter stomped the head of a woman as she tried to approach the candidate.  Paul is running for the U.S. Senate from Kentucky.
Whatever her politics or whatever their version of ‘crowd control’ is, if this thug had done this to my daughter or grand-daughter he would get his head stomped.
It appears that she was an activist with MoveOn.org and wanted to present Paul with some sort of silly, snarky ‘award’. Had she done so, I’m sure that he could have handled the encounter and turned it to his advantage. That didn’t happen.
The tough guy is identified as Tim Profitt, a volunteer Paul campaign worker. Profitt has been summoned to criminal court to answer a complaint about the incident.
Profitt offered an ‘apology’, saying that the camera angle made it look bad. He also blamed the police for not being there to presumably stomp the woman for him.
In case you hadn’t noticed, this really makes me mad.
Thanks to Gerry May for posting this and a couple of other good videos on his blog. Check them out.


  1. Couple things...

    1. For once, Jim, I think you and I generally disagree on the premise of this video (I'll explain in points 4 and 5)

    2. @ 1:24 Listen to redneck Jimbo Billy (tone fluctuating) "Where the PO-LEESE at? Get the PO-LEESE out here!" Hillarious... and indicative of the mental capacity of "supporter" we are actually dealing with here.

    3. Note to Protester - The wig didn't make you look like a different woman, it just made you look like a woman instead of a man.

    (Ok, now for relevant comment...)

    4. I think the guy who "stomped her head" basically just tried to rally/get in on the action, got a little over excited, and the moderate pressure from his foot slipped on her obviously unstable shoulder which was shrouded in 4 inches of dikey sweater (can I say dikey?). This over-excited imbred should never have been involved in the physical restraint of this woman - he was not "security" of any kind. He reminds me of the well-intended, yet over excited citizen who thinks he is "doing a good service" by trying to assist a police officer in official business but just ends up getting in the way. I have come to this conclusion after watching the video over, and over, and over.

    5. I think a bigger concern is the unambiguously INTENTIONAL head-on-curb strike that "Security-in-a-Flash" consultant #1 imposes using the leverage of Ellen's boob (best viewed @ 1:30). You can even CLEARLY hear this girls head smack onto the concrete (which coincides with the boob-wrangling @ 1:30). Since culpability of the law is almost ALWAYS determined on "intent", why isn't someone stringing this asshole up for slaughter? The "head-stomper" seemed to have instantly realized his over-excited mistake and backed off, while the ring-leader continued on his rampage of fury against a seemingly non-resistant protester (or whatever she was).

    My verdict? Ban Billy Bob, Charge Clarence Cletus. Supporters should not be imposing physical force against alleged "protesters".
    Who is to say that this woman wasn't simply going to yell at Rand Paul or something. You can't go wrestling with people because you don't like their message. Furthermore, neither Rand Paul, nor his organization, should be held liable in anyway for the actions of this idiot.

  2. Good comment Dano!
    I agree, Rand Paul didn't do it, and I'd like to hear what he said in private about it.
    As I said in the blog, had she approached Paul he could have handled her very easily and made her look like the nut that she is.

  3. Excuse my French here...but somebody needs to beat the shit out of that guy.

    There is no excuse for something like that. I hope they jail him for assault, and I hope she sues his butt for all three dollars he has.

    You just don't do that to a woman!

  4. Well, before we get too many pitchforks going, you might want to read my take on the situation. It's a little too long to post in these comments, but here is the link:

    Another Look at the Shoulder Stomp

    If you want to comment here or my blog, I check both of course.

    Hate to disagree with you Jim, but we are have a few degrees of separation on this one.

  5. Rex, I read your post. And, I chased the links to this weird chick's past, etc.

    But, I'm sorry. No, I'm not really sorry. Maybe I was just raised to believe that a 200+ pound man should not put that weight on the shoulder/neck/whatever of a tiny woman, regardless of how nutso she is.

    This falls into the Chris Rock category..."I won't hit a lady, but I will smack a ho!" It's just wrong. I guess I'm just too southern to look past this.

    Sure, you do what you have to in situations. But, the gal was on the ground...could do no harm to anyone...and Bigfoot did decide to stomp. I just can't truck with that. That is pent up rage, and mental imbalance on display...on both counts for sure, but WE are supposed to be better than that.

    I have a dear friend in KY, who is a part of the Rand Paul campaign...and has been since the beginning. She actually lives in Paducah, and has been all over the net...her blog...her Facebook, etc. since the beginning of this thing, promoting Paul for Senate. She believes in the guy. I do, too. But, junk like this is inexcusable.

    And, I'm glad Rand distanced himself from this retard. I hope he goes to jail.

  6. Yep, I'm with Andy. Three of the premier bloggers of Bossier Parish have a disagreement, and Rex is outnumbered.
    Andy, think we should suspend his rights???

  7. Hey Andy,

    I'm born and raised in Louisiana and say "yes m'am" with respect too. You don't hit women and you always open doors. I know the drill and live by it.

    I'm not really condoning the foot on the head for restraint. That should have been handled better. However, it helps to have the full context of the situation.

    By the way, there are exceptions to the gentleman's rule: If I get clobbered with a skillet or a woman balls up her fist and punches, then the fight is on, or at least restraint will happen (assuming I'm not knocked slam out on the floor from the skillet). LOLOL

    Of course, as a gentleman I'd never try to be in that type of situation with a woman in the first place.

    @Jim - everyone's wanting to suspend something...LOLOLOLOL :)

  8. Oh yeah - I think he should be arrested too if Lauren presses charges.

    Again - I'm just looking at the full context of it.

  9. Rex, thought you'd enjoy the 'suspend' thing!

  10. Naw Jimbo! Rex should NEVER be suspended. He knows right from wrong, and how to treat ladies.

    Don't even think about it!

    BTW, Rex, I've read your posts about Big 'Un Cedric. Good work. Seriously. The latest one about the Airport fiasco was spot-on.
    The other stuff is good, too. I'm not sure why I've never dropped a comment over there, but I do read all of your posts. (You are in my The Gooble Reader).

    I know you're not condoning what went on in KY. And, it certainly did not come across like you were.

    Only retards do not understand that there are two sides (sometimes three) to every story. I know this Rand Paul campaign from the start. My gal buddy in KY has kept it front and center from the start, and it is one of the most highly-charged ones of this political season...from Rand actually starting to run, to fighting the Elephant establishment, to...well, everything else.

    I just have a particular prejudice against really big guys that lash out in anger...especially against little bitty gals, no matter how "mouthy" they are.

    Long stories...

  11. @Andy - thanks for the compliments. I'm obviously very biased, but mine is an opinion blog. Glad you enjoy the articles.

    I completely agree with you and can understand. I've had to deal with some of those types of situations in the past.

    One thing about it for Tim Profitt, if you step into the ring, expect the consequences. He was forceful with Lauren, so if she presses charges he should suffer the legal consequences. Period - whether me or anyone thinks his actions had some merit.

    RE: Airport v Glover - he must bath in lard cause the stuff just slides off him. Oh wait...that was almost a fat joke. ;)

    RE: Rand Paul - definitely an interesting person just like his Dad. While I didn't fully support Ron in the 2008 race, there is definitely some credence to his views. Rand tends to handle things very well too - just like his comments on this situation.

    @Jim - that's it. I'm pulling up my own suspenders!

    I think we can all 3 agree that I only slightly disagree on this topic. Great opinions no matter what.

  12. Jimbo, why don't we just sing around the campfire...and we can join the Campfire Girls!

    Lookit...some of us ain't quite so jaded and all...well, never mind...

  13. That's it - I'm taking my toys and going home!

    Well, really I'm off to blog about Glover being up in smoke. :)


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