Friday, October 1, 2010

Tigers Play & Election Day - Louisiana Sports in Full Swing

The Tennessee Volunteers come to Tiger Stadium and it's election day to boot.


  1. Got called in to work. Again. Sigh.

    I was thinkin', no problem. We're at home, and I'll be off work at 8, so I'll catch most of the game.

    Sigh...2:30 Sigh.

    At least I'll catch 'Bama/Gates.


  2. Just finished watching the LSU vs Tennessee game, and LSU has nothing to be proud of. T

  3. They can be proud of Stevan Ridley.

  4. True nuff, but what I was referring to was the pathetic performance at the end by Jefferson and the poor clock management by Miles.
    This time Les got away with one only because of Tennessee's screw-up.

  5. True. At least Lee had some momentum going, should have left him in. Next week against Florida won't be pretty.

  6. Amen, with a qualifier. Looks like The Gates are gonna be so beat up that we might stand a chance.

    Of course, they might be so humiliated that they'll have blood in their eyes.

    Either way, I'm not optimistic.

  7. just checked the Bama - Florida game, and it looks like the Tide is having fried alligator for supper tonight.

  8. Andy, G.R. - Alambama is mopping up the stadium and next week we're gonna face some pissed off Gators. Wow.

  9. I didn't get to watch the LSU game...was working. But, some guy was on his cellphone giving us the play by play.

    Great sadness erupted, and then we all know what happened. My first thought was, "Corch Dooley gonna be pissed!!!"

    But, I did get to watch the Gator spanking. And I imagine that Corch Meyer is even more so. Maybe I'll ask to work next Saturday.

  10. If LSU plays Florida the way they've played everyone but W VA there's gonna be some happy people in Florida and a bunch of Loosiana people pissed off at Corch Miles.
    While the team is practicing plays Miles needs to be practicing time discipline and how to stop a the clock.
    I'm not a big LSU fan, but I have many friends who are (my wife included), and when the Tigers lose they get miserable, and they make me feel miserable because the feel so miserable. Now I think I understand the Trickle Down Effect.

  11. G.R., I think the best team we've played so far is Mississippi State. And, it's got me stumped as to how we thrashed them, and can barely luck out against weaker teams (well, weaker in my humble opinion). MS State is 3-2 now, and just barely lost to Auburn.

    That one's got me bumfuzzled.

    Corch Lester has a real Achilles heel when it comes to clock management. Heck, I think sometimes he doesn't even know which half it is, much less which quarter.


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