Sunday, October 3, 2010

Election 2010: Roundup

Caroline Fayard
The race for Lieutenant Governor will be decided on November 2nd in a runoff between Republican Secretary of State Jay Dardenne and Democrat Caroline Fayard. Dardenne had 28% of the vote to Fayard’s 24%. Sammy Kershaw came in 3rd with 19%.
Fayard is a New Orleans attorney and a political newcomer.
Kershaw did carry Bossier Parish with 32% of the vote to Dardenne’s 24%.

To no one’s surprise, the race for Shreveport mayor will be decided in a runoff between Democrat Cedric Glover and Republican Bryan Wooley. Glover garnered 45% of the vote to Wooley’s 31%. Roy Burrell, backed by Greg Tarver and Keith Hightower, only polled 13%.

So a Lawyer and a Banker walk into a bar . . .
Well, not really, but that was too good to pass up. In the race to replace Wayne Waddell in the state legislature, Shreveport attorney Alan Seabaugh handily won with 5,085 votes to Banker Harold Turner’s 3,778 and will represent the 5th District in Baton Rouge.

The Shreveport City Council races shape up as follows:
District A: Runoff between Rose McCulloch & C. O. Simpkins to replace Calvin Lester.
District B: Runoff between Jeff Everson & Sheva Sims for the seat now held by Monty Walford. In the last election, Walford edged out Sheva Sims by just 6 votes
District C: Oliver Jenkins won with 84% of the vote over Jake Toloso
District D: In the seat that Bryan Wooley vacated in order to run for mayor, Phillip Templeton & Michael Corbin will be in a runoff
District G: Sam Jenkins will replace Joyce Bowman.

Bossier School Board
Allison Brigham, Tammy Smith, Jack Raley and Eddy Ray Presley will be returning to the Bossier Parish School Board. The closest race was District 9, where Presley defeated Ed Jackson by only 4 votes.
In District 11 Barbara Rudd defeated incumbent Lindell Webb with 55% of the vote to Webb’s 45%. Rudd was the only candidate, to my knowledge, who said she favored the roll-forward in the tax millage rate, which was nixed by the board last month.
Sandra Darby will replace her brother (Julian I think, I get them mixed up!) in District 10.
District 12 – Wow! Kay Padgett Byrd got exactly 50% of the vote for this seat, with 556 votes. Martin Bourgeois had 338 votes and Mike Tucker 218 votes. 338 + 218 votes = 556 votes. One more vote for Byrd and she would have been elected outright.
In the only other Bossier Parish race, Kenneth Stiles won election as Plain Dealing Alderman.

Caddo Parish School Board
District 2: Runoff Jasmine Green & Lyndon B. Johnson
District 3: Willie Burton elected with 72%
District 5: Curtis Hooks elected with 52% out of a field of three candidates.

Other Caddo Parish races
Mooringsport Mayor – Lynn Porter
Vivian Mayor – Stephen Taylor
Belcher Mayor – Jennifer Fant
Ryan Nelson – Chief of Police Vivian
John D. Stone - Chief of Police Gilliam
Belton Moore & Jim Slagle will be in a runoff for Vivian alderman-at-large.
The other races for Vivian Alderman:
Ward 1 – Pete Shepard
Ward 2 - Michael Van Schoick
Ward 3 – Runoff between Judy Wilson & Jamie Clifton
Ward 4 – Raymond Earl Williams

All results are as reported by the Louisiana Secretary of State


  1. Dewey Defeats Truman!! Just thought I would throw that in for laughs. As you said, "predicting any election is a fool's errand". Where did Fayard come from? She just suddenly showed up. Well congrats to her good showing. No, I am not gonna announce the results of the elections in Claiborne parish. But I did vote and my district voted for kershaw even though I didn't. Well we are in the country and he is a country singer. Well good reporting Jim.

  2. --------------
    To no one’s surprise, the race for Shreveport mayor will be decided in a runoff

    Well - to nobody's surprise except Gerry May. LOLOLOL

    Don't forget that his trusted source had the predictions turning out quite differently.

    Gerry Covers his bits


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