Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Huntington rape report untrue

The 16 year old female student who reported that she was raped yesterday at Huntington High School in Shreveport has admitted to detectives that she made up the story.
She had reported at about 10 AM yesterday that she had been approached by two black males, one of whom had a gun and one a knife, and was sexually assualted.
Detectives noticed inconsistencies in her story and this morning in an interview she made the admission.
This is bad on several levels. First of all, innocent young men could have been charged with a crime they didn’t commit. Second, this hurts people who really are assaulted and are afraid to come forward, because they fear that they won’t be believed.
Authorities said that they will not charge the female student.
I don’t know enough to say whether she should be charged or not, but she definitely needs some intense counseling.


  1. ...but she definitely needs some intense counseling.

    You reckon?

    I heard on the news report that she was taken to the hospital after her initial report. I guess we'll not know whether she did the deed or not, due to her age, etc.

    But, evidently there was something that raised red flags. I really wonder what is going through the mind of people (other than sunlight) when they pull stunts like this. Dunno...maybe she had done it, felt guilty, and tried to lay it off on a rape to avoid parental punishment, and gain sympathy.

    Who knows? The whole thing is just sad. Really, really sad.

  2. Good job to the investigators in this case. This girl is a disgrace to real rape victims everywhere.

    Again good job to the investigators in this case. The report was questionable from the get go.

    All the news reports, of course, jumped to conclusions and panicked everyone before getting all the facts straight.

  3. All of the news reports about this which I saw and heard seemed doubtful about it from the gitgo. I don't think there was any panic or unwarranted jumping to conclusions. I suspect that the girl is fearful of pregnancy, and of discussing her sexlife honestly with her parents.


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