Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Serious Sins from the Senator?

I won’t re-write this, Rex and the Daily Kingfish have done a good job of it.
I think Edwin had it right – unless you are caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy, you’re pretty much okay as a Louisiana politician.

London Rayne/Darian Dawn
Anna Nichole Smith?


  1. I was gonna make some lame comment about politics and strange bed-fellows, but it was lame.

  2. jim,

    If I ever got caught in bed with a woman who looks like the one in the picture, I will call you to make sure you have a camera, to prove I was in bed with a woman like that. Damn Straight.
    And I would DEMAND that you publish the picture.

    I hope my wife doesn't read this, or I might be given the opportunity, if the opportunity miraculously arose.

  3. G.R., you get the gig and I got the camera, and you're durn tootin' I would publish it.
    You'd better hope Mrs. G.R. doesn't get wind of this . . .

  4. G.R.'s married? Oooooohhhh, you got her e-mail address, Jim?

  5. Jim and Andy,

    Mrs. G.R. is way better looking than that old "bowling shoe" in the picture. Sorry guys, I would love to talk but my honey bunch has a list of things for me to do today before I can take my schnookums to Ernest's Orleans Restaurant or the Village Grille tonight.
    Yessiree, nothing like being King of your own castle.

  6. Okay, we'll get Jim to delete the first comment. Then you can give me your wife's e-mail address...

  7. Ernest's or the Village Grille - she saw what he wrote!

  8. This just goes to show how stupid some people are. First they say London is this Darian person in the photo, but the photo is of a DEAD girl! So, London Rayne looks like Anna Nicole Smith? Wow, a bunch of scholars they have running La. That poor girl was put in the middle of all this and accused of having a child with Vitter. A DNA test would have easily proved them wrong, but did they offer to have him take one? How about a lie detector test for Darian? Of course not, because it was all a scam set up by Conrad Meyer (local attorney) and his whore Nikki Tylor aka Kimberly Reuben.


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