Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shreveport Mayor's race: Glover on the hot seat because of alleged drug use

The already hot Shreveport Mayor’s race boiled over in a debate this morning when Bryan Wooley said in his closing statement that one reason Cedric Glover should not be re-elected is because of allegations that Glover used drugs (marijuana) around children.
Glover responded by saying that Wooley was slinging mud and telling lies, and that he would not get down in the muck with him.
This came about because of a two year old court filing in a divorce case. During this divorce proceeding a number of interrogatories were submitted to Dannye Malone from his ex-wife’s legal council that required him to give a yes or no answer to his usage or marijuana in their matrimonial domicile with Mayor Cedric Glover and Chief Administrative Officer Dale Sibley.
  • (D) Do you deny that you have consumed, ingested and/or smoked marijuana in the matrimonial domicile with Cedric Glover and Dale Sibley?
  • (E) Do you deny that third persons, including, but not limited to Dale Sibley, came to the matrimonial domicile on numerous occasions for the purpose of taking possession of a package of marijuana? If you admit this fact, was the package of marijuana the subject of a sale or was the illegal contraband donated by you to the third person or persons?
Conservative Drink has copies of the interrogatories here.
According to Truth about Glover, a blog that is operated by the Wooley campaign, Dannye Malone has received over $1.7 million in legal fees from the City of Shreveport, which is more than any other single law firm in city history.
All of this, during Cedric Glover’s administration.
  • 2006: $241,424.08 (When Cedric Glover took over as Mayor of Shreveport)
  • 2007: $579,628.28 (Glover’s first full year – Malone’s payments increased by 240%)
  • 2008: $467,264.48
  • 2009: $262,813.80
  • 2010: $153,272.50
Malone admitted that the records were sealed by the court, but said that the answer to the question was no.
Up to this point, I have not blogged about the allegations, but now they are out there.
At this point, if as Glover indicated, these charges are not truthful, he must come out very forcefully – right now – and tell his side of this.
Statements that he will not get down in the muck with Wooley will not suffice. If he is truly innocent of the charge of smoking dope at Malone’s home, he must answer the charges, very strongly, tomorrow.
If he doesn’t, he is in danger of losing the election before the polls open on Tuesday.
If he is not responding to the charges directly because they are true, then this election will run its course and the results will be known Tuesday night.


  1. If you think the Shreveport elections are interesting, just wait till the Bossier City elections kick off in a couple of years. I believe the whole city council as well as the mayor will be replaced. Any word yet who is running for any of these positions? I have heard rumors that several council seats are gonna be challenged. I have not heard by who.

  2. I've heard a couple of names pop up. Still a long way off though.

  3. Not sure about that Jim. To me the question is do you as a candidate have to address any and all accusations? Or where do you draw the line?

  4. Not any and all Ed, but I think he had better get on this one.

  5. Yeah. If these allegations are false, Glover should have no problem affirming that.

    But because he's not makes me suspicious of him.

    He doesn't have to get dirty to defend himself. He's just ignoring the issue, trying to play the victim and doing a poor job of it.

  6. The use of marijuana is so widespread and commonplace that I don't find it hard to believe that the mayor might have indulged.
    On the other hand, these allegations have been talked about for some time without names being used, then 5 days before the election, Glover's name is finally associated with the rumors.
    It seems to have been carefully planned to allow just enough time for voters to still be shocked and angry, but not enough time for Glover to clear his name.

  7. I love the comments about bossier elections - bossier will be run by the same people that are running it until they decide to leave - the electorate supports them and the naysayers can't do anything but blog - if you don't believe it - look at the school board - not a single contested race that supported the administration lost - the only guy that lost was webb and he did not support the administration - with all the alleged problems at the school board and to have no one lose - shouts volumes that the bloggers do not carry any weight in the community including tucker, springer and the like - all a bunch of hot air - and guess what - cedric will win big time on saturday - and the negative folks will do nothing but be pissed off

  8. Wooley said he would expose cronyism and corruption. He has put his money where his mouth is. Cox and settle sat on this information for months.

    If Wooley does not win, then you will never see anyone run against the establishment again. If Glover can get reelected after not answering ANY questions about his public and private life, then anyone can stay in office-- basically our democracy is over.

    On another note, record are not supposed to be sealed -- why was this one sealed?

    All he said at debate, "these are lies and mudslinging." Where's the 1.7 million "these are lies and mud slinging" Why don't you answer calls why do you show up late everyday? "there are lies and mudslinging." Why is the airport in a mess? "this is lies and mudslinging?" why is crime worse in cooper road? "lies and mudslinging and you district (in my city domain) is worse!!-- I know you asked for extra pay for more officiers and I vetoed it--but other than than that and shutting down liquor stores--youve done nothing."

    Glover should have it unsealed to clear his name. If not, it will be unsealed after the election and he will have to answer for this.

    He has an obligation to answer these accusations.

  9. Good Grief, what hyperbole, 12:33. If the voters reject Wooley, that will be the end of democracy?????

  10. this news deserves a haiku:

    People say OMG!

    Glover might have smoked pot!

    I say, BFD



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