Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Public Watchdog group forming

Before the news came out about the Tea Party Patriots lawsuit against Rob Gaudet, I had heard that Evodna Springer and Matt Sciba were resigning from the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party.
Evodna and Matt, you will recall, did the School Board candidate interviews for SBTP, and have been active in working to increase transparency in some local poltical bodies.
I had a good discussion with Evodna the other day and asked her about the resignations.  She told me that she would talk to Matt and send me a statement. 
Here is the statement I received by email.
I tendered my resignation and severed all ties with SBTP effective October 15, 2010, relative to matters completely unrelated to the TPP/Gaudet issue.
Matt Sciba had already resigned on October 5.
I was shocked to learn about the restraining order. If what is alleged in the sworn affidavit is true, it could have nationwide implications with regard to get out the vote efforts for the November 2 elections, particularly in tight races in other parts of the country. My hope is that both TPP and Rob will reach a resolution, doing everything within their power to resolve this quickly.
Evodna reported to me that a small group met the other day with the intention of forming a 'watchdog' group to continue the work that was started with SBTP in dealing with public disclosure, transparency and to work next year on candidate interviews for all local offices.
When the 'organizing' is done, we will report on the new group.


  1. Well isn't this just interesting. In Louisiana you can't even have a Tea Party without some sort of "scandal"...LOLOL

    It will be interesting to see what this watchdog group will be active in. Great scoop Jim!

  2. I'm glad that they will keep up this work. I'm anxious to see what they come up with.

  3. Those two fanatics could not put a decent marble game together.

  4. It's a good thing we're not playing marbles!

  5. I removed a couple of unnecessary comments. Please keep it decent.

  6. anon
    These "fanatics" are AMAZING people who have a genuine passion for the people of the SB area.
    I admire both of them and their determination that the government should be held accountable to those who they are elected to represent.

  7. Something I have noticed is that for a "Watchdog" Springer has not shown up to a single Benton Town Hall meeting in at least six months.It's kind of hard to be a government watchdog if you don't pay attention to your own back yard. I guess that goes to motive right. She will attempt to call fire from the heavens when the Bossier City Council makes a mistake, but if it is anywhere that cameras are not around she could not care less. Watchdog more like media hound

  8. i really enjoy watching the radicals implode - most in bossier support the ideals of the tea party - less government in our lives - less waste - on and on - but when they meet these wacko's and see all their conspiracy theories - and once they start eating their own - i see this as nothing more than a flash in the pan - when normal people hear them talk about obama not being a citizen, and clinton flying in drugs to arkansas, and people planting viruses in children's computer programs to train them to be liberal - all wacko's and ultimately - will be left to the back of the room with the other crazies calling for the formation of a new country - ha - love to see the blood bath

  9. There are Tea Party groups, and some members, who are over the top. I didn't see this at all with what Evodna and Matt were doing, and I didn't hear any of that stuff from them.
    What I saw was interviews with school board candidates, all of whom but one answered the questions. Also making sure that our public bodies follow the law in transparency isn't a bad thing. I hope the new group will follow this path, and it is my understanding that they will.
    I wish them the best.

  10. I hope that the average citizen becomes more involved with the government process because it looks as though we will all be paying through the nose in the form of higher taxes for our governments' deficits and inefficiency, not to mention outright corruption. Every governmental body is out of money but they seem to have their heads buried in the sand and continue on their merry spending way. I think we need a government watchdog group whose members are public-minded and not out for power or attention.


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