Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bossier City Lightning

Great picture compliments of BCPD Officer Brandon Cobb.


  1. That IS a great picture. Was that on a phone, or with a camera? Or, do you know?

  2. Probably phone, Andy, but I'm not sure. This is what Brandon said about it:
    "This pic was taken in the parking lot of kmart. It was after the majority of the lightning had passed over and moved down south. If you notice the light pole in the picture you ll see that the lights are out. I was sitting there earlier when lighting actually struck the light pole. Sparks flew and the lights went out. I did get lucky getting that great shot of it coming down like that."

  3. That is cool. What are the chances of catching just that instance, and that close, too?


  4. Awesome! I saw the post and figured we were in for it--got 6" of rain in downtown Lafayette last night according to the weatherman.

  5. Amazing picture. Thanks to the officer for sharing it.


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