Monday, August 16, 2010

Meeting to address Walker Place Development in South Bossier

Linc Coleman, developer of the prospective Walker Place mixed-use development, will update the South Bossier Community at Fellowship United Methodist Church, located at 4750 Barksdale Blvd., Bossier City, near Bodacious Bar-B-Q on Thursday, Aug. 19th @ 6:30 pm. All are invited to attend.
David Melville, pastor of Fellowship United Methodist Church stated, "There are problems to be resolved in any great effort. I urge all involved to resolve any access issues preventing development of Walker Place so that we in South Bossier can reap the benefits of jobs, housing, shopping, dining and more. Let the visionaries do what they do best, for we have seen time and time again that our world would be less alive without them."
Walker Place is estimated to provide: $150 Million in investment, $500 Million economic impact, and 1,400  - 1,950 employees to be housed on the development.
Walker Place would provide much needed activities such as parks and retail and restaurants.
LSUS Economic Impact Study - Walker Place Development


  1. Folks - i would be fine with this if "ms good government - tea party beach body" would just come out and say she is affiliated with the development - instead of making it look like some public jihad against the city. Kind of Reverend Sharpton/Jessie Jackson style to handle it in such a way. Folks dont want good government - they want government to do what they want - then it is good government. Also - who is financing the deal- could it be a bank being run by other spokesperson's family - come on guys - just be honest. The art parkway does not need more curb cuts or you end up having another barksdale blvd - it is a parkway - for through traffic. Stay the course Bossier City - dont play these political games - if you clog up the parkway with a bunch of driveways - it will be a matter of time before we need a new parkway to bypass this one - oh wait - we would have to take a boat because there is no where else to build the parkway.

  2. From what I understand is that the city just granted a land owner south of Jimmy Davis Bridge 5 connections onto the parkway for a 32 acre tract of land. How is it possible to grant this many points of access for a much smaller tract than the Walker Place developement.

  3. GO BOSSIER!! I'm exctied to see developments like this popping up in our town. Property values rise and personal wealth increases. Job creation is also a plus for all the teens and young adults in the area. I cannot believe that someone would want to halt this due to a little more traffic. The previous poster that was crying about the traffic can always move across the river. BRING ON THE $$$$$

  4. seems mr coleman should have gotten his curb cuts when h bought the land if anon 3:26 is correct - sour grapes looks like to me -

  5. $500 million impact from an apartment complex. Get real. Coleman is leading people to believe that he is building another boardwalk. It is just an apartment complex. SAVE SOUTH BOSSIER? From what?

  6. Matt Sciba (on my own)August 19, 2010 at 10:33 AM

    Please correct me if I am wrong (not posting in SBTP capacity), but from my understanding, Bossier City Council already granted him a single curb cut to Teague, which was all he requested. Then the City Council passed an ordinance or resolution to prohibit any curb cuts from being constructed, thus the lawsuit.

    I live in South Bossier. I'd like a bit more development like a coffee or ice cream shop, a couple of restaurants, etc. in my neck of the woods. At this point, South Bossier is to Shreveport/Bossier as NWLA is to the rest of Louisiana. We get very little attention from the rest of the area.

  7. Matt, you're right. And Anon 3:26, I believe the area south of the Jimmie Davis Bridge is actually outside the city limits, so the council wouldn't have any say.

  8. Matt - you have your facts wrong - he was not ever granted a curb cut - thus the reason for the lawsuit - he did not get it in the contract and it was not until later that he put it in his development plan and was told it would not happen - then the ordinance was passed to make sure no one else would get confusion about curb cuts

  9. Please review
    There are public documents on this web site that confirm evidence presented by Coleman to be true and found city officials are dishonest under oath. These are the dirtiest politicians spending over $350,000 of taxpayer’s money to protect their own hides. Let's really be honest.

  10. Matt Sciba (as himself)August 20, 2010 at 9:08 PM

    @Anonymous 3:49

    Check the SaveSouthBossier site. Mr. Coleman spoke at the South Bossier Citizens Assembly in the spring. My question is this:

    Why would Mr. Coleman spend $25 million on something with no confirmation from the powers that be? A man in his line of work probably doesn't make it by throwing $25 million away on a gamble.

  11. I was at the first meeting Mr. Coleman had with South Bossier and his plan he sent to the city and showed us had no curb cut. It had entrances from Barksdale and Walker. From what I have attended, he added the parkway entrance later and was told no.

  12. To Matt Sciba,

    I have been watching you and your statements and they are consistent incorrect or half truths. I have thought about tea party participation, but if misleading people is what you are about - count me out. I get much better info from going to public meetings and unfortunately, reading the paper.

  13. In what way do you think Matt was misleading?

  14. Does anyone know who is paying for the Save South Bossier web site? Also - does Mr. Sciba have any affiliation to the project like Ms. Springer?


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