Saturday, August 14, 2010

Former Bossier City Police Officer arrested

Former Bossier City Police officer James “Jeff” Cole was arrested yesterday and charged with DWI. He refused a breathalyzer and bonded out on the charge.
Cole was arrested again today on a charge resulting from a domestic incident that occurred overnight. At this point I am not sure what charges are involved.
Cole is already facing charges of false imprisonment, simple battery, and simple property damage. He was arrested in early July after police received a complaint he hit his mother and then kept her from leaving the house. At the time of that arrest he was on leave for what police called an unrelated matter.
After a police investigation at that time, he was terminated from the department.


  1. Jeff used to be a good police officer and family man. His fall from grace has been hard to watch. Jeff had some really hard times and I can only speculate how he coped.
    I hope Jeff gets help for his addictions and causes no more pain for him and his family.

    With that said, he still has to pay the piper. He did the crime, and has to pay for his actions.

    1. Don't act like you know jeff bitch

  2. Where is Jeff Cole now? There was a story recently that he was in the hospital for a permanent injury. Is it true? Wasn't he arresting people who were involved with drugs, only to have it turn out they were his suppliers?

    1. I heard he had permanent brain damage. Is that true?

  3. Jeff Cole was involved in the 2002 murder case of L.S.U. student Greg Causey.
    There was an indictment for second degree murder on one of the persons responsible for Causey's death. Cole was supplied drugs by that person, and he made sure through his friend the district attorney that the case would never be tried.


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