Thursday, August 19, 2010

Candidate Forum: Roger Villere, Lieutenant Governor

Roger Villere
As part of the Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party Candidate Interview Series, Roger Villere, ( R ), candidate for Lt. Governor of Louisiana, was personally interviewed relative to his positions and campaign on Tuesday, August 17, 2010, by Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party Coordinating Team Members Evodna Springer and Rob Gaudet.
Just a couple of thoughts on the interview.
Villere appears (to me at least), to be concerned about Sammy Kershaw’s candidacy.
Villere stated that Kershaw wants to “grow government” by allowing the state to build and control “stages” and entertainment sites “around the state”, instead of allowing “free enterprise” to dictate these entertainment venues.
I checked Kershaw's website, which is pretty complete on his stands on the issues, and I could only find this:
In recent years, producers of big stage musicals and plays have adopted a system of out of state “tryouts” before bringing shows to Broadway. With the Saengar Theater set to reopen next year and with large theaters available in Baton Rouge, Lafayette and Shreveport, we should be capitalizing on these multimillion dollar productions and offering tax credits to make Louisiana the Broadway of the South.
Judge for yourself, I'll admit that I'm partial to Kershaw.
Villere ended the interview by saying “No one ever asked me these kinds of questions.” 
That bodes well for the interviews to come.
Ms. Springer has a synopsis of the interview on Vote The Record, go over there and read the whole thing.

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