Monday, August 9, 2010

Bossier Judge refuses plea deal for alleged murderer

Bossier District Judge Jeff Cox this morning refused a plea in the 2nd degree murder case of Matthew Fite.
Fite allegedly had acquired an 8-ball (3.5 ounces) of methamphetamine and gave Wilson about ¼ of it and a needle so she could ‘shoot up’. Wilson died of an overdose. She had no other drugs in her system at the time of death.
The Prosecution and Defense had reached an agreement today to allow Fite to plead guilty to drug distribution with a sentence up to 25 years, but the judge said no.
I wrote on this case back in May:
As is customary in these cases, the defense has had family and friends write letters to the judge to be officially recorded. The recurring theme is that he needs to be home to take care of his mother.
 "He is a good boy, he needs to be home to take care of his mother . . ."
 "He is one of the nicest guys I know . . . . and a good person . . "
 "He is a good boy and has always been one . ."
The ‘boy’, by the way, is a 39 year old man who apparently is still living with mom. Taking care of her? Not so much. Let’s look at the ‘good boy’s’ activities over the last few years.
 1989 Leaving the Scene of an Accident
 1990 Residential Burglary
 1993 DWI
 1994 Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
 1994 Possession of Marijuana
 1996 Possession of Marijuana
 2002 Aggravated Assault
 2002 Simple Battery
 2002 Simple Battery
 2003 Contributing to the Delinquency of a Juvenile
 2003 Disturbing the Peace
 2003 Probation Violation
 2003 Vehicular Homicide
 2005 Simple Escape
 2008 Aggravated Assault
 2008 Simple Battery
 2008 Simple Criminal Damage to Property
 2008 2nd Degree Murder
This doesn’t include multiple charges of driving under suspension, speeding, no drivers license, no insurance and various other traffic charges.


  1. Bravo JUDGE COX!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Outstanding!! I'm surprised they didn't try to nol prosse it or even better, agree to plea to simple battery! Now if only the rest of the good ole boy system would get on board, the Bossier court system wouldn't keep the reputation of being a joke...

  3. I personally think Jeff Cox is a complete asshole. He talks to every defendant in his courtroom like they have been tried and convicted from day 1 - from "murder 2" to "drunk in public". He isn't the first "new judge on the circuit" to try to show how tough he is. However, on this one, I think he got it right. Quite an amazing rap sheet that douche bag has and I doubt society will miss him. Hope you are well, Jim.

  4. I'm good Dano, thanks for the comment.

  5. Um..what happened to name calling, Jim? Noticed you didn't delete that post.

  6. It's a subjective thing. In the post you are referring to, I had my reasons.

  7. This is good to see, like a warning shot across the bow. Now maybe the DA can get a conviction.

  8. Good for Jeff Cox.

  9.  "He is a good boy, he needs to be home to take care of his mother . . ."
     "He is one of the nicest guys I know . . . . and a good person . . "
     "He is a good boy and has always been one . ."

    YIKES!! Such low standards. These people would think wife beaters and pedophiles would be good people. How low can you go? I wander if it had been their child who died how they would feel about him. Wait, I can't use that arguement. I was trying to convince a guy that he could get along without selling a dangerous product such as liquor in his store. I said what if someone wanted to sell your child cocaine. He said it was a free country and if his kid wanted it he was free to do it. ????? People never cease to amaze me.

  10. Gotta agree with Dano on how complete Jeff Cox is - however, he certainly did the right thing in this case.

    Way to stay on top of it, Jim.

  11. wow. maybe i am too "liberal"- isnt this a free country. was surprised that this could be murder- since he didn't force the lady to take drugs. usually it is the law and order group decrying the lack of personal responsibility. did not think this was a crime, other than drug dealing. but just checked it on, and it is! i gotta believe contless people use illegal drugs every day and dont die. whats next, send the shopkeeper away who sells alcohol to the drunk who gets cirhossis? indict mcdonald's for the fatty who gets a heart attack in traffic after consuming his 365th sausage biscuit of the year! dont put this believer in personal freedoms on the jury.

  12. Judge Cox changed his mind today. What was he thinking?

  13. I just put a new post up on the case.

  14. Judge Cox was thinking like a Judge should. Very well.

    Giving dope to another dopehead who happens to die is not murder. Giving or selling cigarretes/alcohol to a smoker/drunk is not murder. The smoker/drunk (and the dopehead) knows this stuff may kill him. It probably won't (rarely does) but it might. If it does kill him, is it really murder? Come on....That's stupid to even think like that!!! Dopehead/seller guilty of drug distribution but not murder...


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