Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Dr. Roquel Williams, Prophet

Sometimes I throw some links in a blog post, but rarely do I do a whole blog post for one link.  You have to go over to As Seen in Shreveport and check this one out.


  1. LOL I should not be making fun a fellow Catholic that goes to the Cathedral but that is too funny

  2. Wow Jim....I think she deserves a page in Ripley's believe it or not.

  3. Her office is at 566 1/2 E 71st St. Wow, I'm going to need some prayer over the phone before heading down there. This must be an advertisement for what crack can do to the human mind.

  4. I do beg pardon to the ones that had to take time from their lives and speak on this post---I got a call about this---I wonder why--If what you say is true--why make an issue--about something that you know is wrong unless you have to feel better --but YOU commented on foolishness---NOW YOU FEEL YOU ARE SMARTER LMAO -

  5. Free Publicity and the honor of all the negative posters being proven as stupid when the reality of my accomplishment hits them!!!


    Dr. Roquel A. Williams

  6. http://www.multiplicityholistictherapy.com


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