Thursday, August 12, 2010

Still no answers from Rock Solid

If you have been hiding for the last couple of weeks and aren’t aware of the incident at Rock Solid Day Camp at Calvary Baptist Church between a 14 year old and an 8 year old, you can read what I wrote about it here and here.
Apparently, the parties involved are just hoping it will go away. They still have not reached out to parents.
Calvary has announced that Rock Solid will not be holding their after school care on Calvary property, as was planned. 
Which brings up the first unanswered question, which would be licensing. Rock Solid apparently says that because they are a ‘camp’, they don’t have to be licensed. Yet their website says “Each camp is 1 week, however, many people use us as their means for summer childcare and there is a discount for a child attending multiple weeks.”
The second question is why were the 14 year old and the 8 year old off together in a locker room? Again, Rock Solid’s website says “Day Campers stay in a group all day with campers their same age . . . “.
This 8 year old was in someone’s charge. Who failed to properly supervise him?
Again, no answers.
Rock Solid’s motto is “"Seeking To Make An Impact, One Life At A Time". They certainly did it in this case.
There is a principle in law called res ipsa loquitur, which means, as I understand it “It speaks for itself”. In other words, it means that in some cases it becomes evident that responsibility lies with a certain party. If I am not totally accurate, maybe one of our attorney readers can clarify this.
I would say it applies in this case.
Rock Solid’s website has a discussion forum. Go over there and check out some of the entries.
Among the comments,
“A 14 year old is supposed to be in highschool, why is a highschooler around an 8 year old in this first place???
“……thanking God I did not let my child attend camp here.”
“You should be ASHAMED for letting these THUGS come into your camp AND letting 14 year olds mingle with 8 year olds!!!”
You’d better get on over there and read them, I have a feeling they won’t be up long.
In the Inquistor last week, Calvary Pastor Rick Edmonds was quoted as saying that the 8 year old had returned to Rock Solid and appeared to be doing fine.
I have a question about that. Seeing as he had just said “We don’t enroll the children. You know, again, this is totally Rock Solid. We don’t enroll their children. We don’t sit down with any parents. When I say they are a third party, I mean literally, we don’t do any of that. That totally is their organization so they take the kids. They enroll the kids. They get the payment from the parents. All that is handled 100% by Rock Solid.”
“ . .I had no knowledge about any of the children, I don’t even know anything about the 8 year old."
Except, apparently, that he returned to Rock Solid and appeared to be doing fine.
It would be interesting to know where Pastor Edmonds got this information and if he is 100% sure of its accuracy.

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