Sunday, August 1, 2010

Observations on the Luttrell murder

No news on this, just a couple of thoughts.

Mrs. Luttrell’s attorney, Michael Vergis, said that his client is ‘scared and alone and a little bit confused’. Vergis believes that she was being taken advantage of by someone close to her.
In this KSLA video, a neighbor tells about a couple of earlier incidents involving the housekeeper, Tina VanMoerkerque, who lived on the Luttrells' land and did odd jobs for them. VanMoerkerque arranged with Erick Crain to do the actual shooting.
The story took a very strange twist when Crain confessed on a speakerphone to a former co-worker while Channel 12 video and audio captured the consversation.
Mrs. Luttrell’s daughter says that her mother suffers from Alzheimers, and judging by watching her in the first video, she does seem to be very frail and confused for a 70 year old woman.
It seems to me that if she is under treatment for Alzheimers, her medical records and doctors testimony could exempt her from being tried, or at least offer a credible defense.
It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the courts.


  1. I am intrigued by this whole thing. very interesting

  2. I know. I am not sure about the guys confession on Ch 12. he didn't admit that anyone else was involved

  3. I think they had another video where he did implicate the others, they just cut it out initially before any other arrests were made. I saw it on the news. Check KSLA's website and it is probably there.
    He said that the housekeeper had to wait for Mrs. Luttrell to get home to get his money.

  4. Jim, this is one of the oddest things I've seen in a coon's age.

    I've got about a million thoughts on it, but none of them make sense.

    I'm just gonna wait for it all to play out. At least they have got all three incarcerated...maybe time will shake the truth out.

    Ya' know, "Time tells...and it always tells the truth."


  5. At this point I'm wondering if there will be any more arrests.

  6. Vergis is a very good attorney. I would not be shocked that the DA office is working overtime on this and if who knows she might even be released. If she is out of it then she is a victim too

  7. I wonder when this goes to the Grand Jury?

  8. I am waiting for someone to make the claim that he beat his wife. I am not saying he did and have not evidence, but the way this thing has been going it won't surprise me. Even if his wife had althimers, the others involved could have said no. Now I am hearing that more arrests are possible?

  9. Doesnt this woman look oddly like mike collier from benton

  10. Why are you so stuck on who she looks like? What does it matter? Again, it has nothing to do with the story!


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