Saturday, August 7, 2010

Saturday Roundup

Luttrells not married?
A bizarre twist in an already bizarre story. Ed Walsh at Channel 3 is reporting that the sister of murder victim Ernest Luttrell is claiming that he and wife Loretta were never married. Loretta is one of the three people charged with his murder.

People of the Tea
Bossier School Board Candidate Barbara Rudd knocked on the door of Matt Sciba.  Matt is a coordinator with the Shreveport Bossier Tea Party.  She told Matt that she is in favor of the roll forward in the millage rate that the board is considering.  Needless to say, this didn't sit too well with a Taxed Enough Already organizer.  Matt's reaction?  "A candidate running on tax increases during a recession? Crazy."
Rudd is running against incumbent Lindell Webb.

Rock Solid/Calvary coverage
Meanwhile, back to KTBS, the peanut gallery is loud and boisterous on the Rock Solid/Calvary story. If Rock Solid and Calvary had been forthcoming and open on this by having a meeting with all of the involved parents last week before this story hit the headlines, they could have stopped a lot of this before it started.
KSLA, who was the first local news source to come out with the story, has taken it off their website. As far as I can tell, KTAL never had anything about it on their website. Perhaps they don’t think that the molestation of an eight year-old by a 14 year-old at a local day camp held at a prominent church and the subsequent attempt at stonewalling and coverup is newsworthy. In their minds it doesn’t rank up there with stories such as the lightning strike at the Sonic in Benton, the cancellation of a movie by SPAR and the Robinson film Center and the burning question of seat belts in school buses.
The comments on the story in The Times have degenerated into a name calling exercise between regular commenters. Very little energy is being expended on the issue at hand.

Iguana present you a mystery
Back in April, I did a story on State Senator Buddy Shaw's bill about disclosure to folks who are buying an Iguana.  Suddenly, I am getting viewers from all over the world (Israel, Sweden, UK, Spain, Poland, Guatemala, Australia and the US) viewing that story and I can't figure out from what source.  When I check their referral status in my stats I just get this.

Уведомление о переадресации
Страница, на которой вы находились, пытается перенаправить вас на страницу


Redirect Notice
The previous page is sending you to

Aviso de redirección
La página en la que te encuentras te intenta dirigir a

Ostrzeżenie o przekierowaniu
Poprzednia strona próbuje Cię przekierować do adresu


  1. Tea Party Hotline - If you know of government sillyness etc please email

    No this isn't Matt - this is a concerned citizen that is sick of seeing everyone in government driving a citizen paid for car, gas etc.

    Do mileage reimbursement - and make people accountable

  2. Is Webb in favor of the roll forward too? Probably.

  3. What are you using for your stats Jim? You should be using Google Analytics (free) if you aren't already.

    The first one is from Macedonia, and the last one is Polish.

  4. Jim, that's some odd stuff on the search of Buddy's Iguana bill.

    The top one is Russian, and the bottom is Polish. Spanish is obvious, but I'm not sure about the other one.

    Who knew there was so much international interest in Louisiana lizards?

  5. Rex, I use Site Meter, seems to do fine.

  6. Andy, Hungary just checked in!

  7. Did they bring their own goulash?

  8. I hope so, I'm hungry! Time for another pickle!

  9. No, Mr Webb is not in favor of rolling the tax forward and that is one of the reasons why the BPSB administration has Ms Rudd running for his seat. He's not one their pawns and so they want to replace him.

  10. Jim, I forgot to comment on the Luttrell thing. Man, this deal is just weirder and weirder all the time. Seriously.

    I was actually kinda surprised by the article. I always figured a 40 year live-in deal would be recognized in Louisiana. The article says "NO" to common law in LA. Learn something new every day.

    I signed up for Google Analytics a long time ago, but forgot how to use it. It didn't seem very user friendly, and that's important for a rube like me. But, I know a lot of webmasters swear by it.

    Rex says that first one is from Macedonia. I just plugged it in to Google Translate and picked "Russian," because it looked Russian to me. It did translate.

    And, I just discovered that Google Translate has a "detect language" feature. Cool! Learn something new every day.

  11. No common law in Louisiana is correct.
    I have Google Analytics - just checked it and it says I have had three visitors in the last month. I think it might be off a tad.

  12. NotDC - I just emailed Mr. Webb and asked his stand on the roll forward. If he replies that he is against it, I will blog that information.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Yeah, The Google Analytics tends to exaggerate things.

    Just sayin'...

  15. Tea Party Hotline

    More FOI's a coming - you want believe what is going to be uncovered at all level of local government.


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