Monday, August 9, 2010

Size Matters

Cedric Glover (left) Bryan Wooley (right)
If you are running for public office in Shreveport, size matters.
The size of the signs that you put up, that is. By city ordinance campaign signs should be no larger than 16 square feet. Bryan Wooley has apparently been doubling that size, upsetting some locals (probably from another campaign).
Wooley, currently a city councilman, is opposing incumbent mayor Cedric Glover.
This is one ordinance that I'm sure the mayor will see is zealously enforced.


  1. If Mayor Glover is going to put up any signs with his picture on them, then I think they ought to give him a special dispensation to have larger signs.

  2. Wooley keeps saying this problem has been addressed and lets get back to the issues relevant to the Mayor's race. Well breaking the law as he did with the sign size IS an issue.

  3. Wooley wants to be mayor, but he can't even put up the correct size signs. This should be a real indication of his intelligence. Shreveport, don't elect someone who has already proven he doesn't understand the law.


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