Friday, August 6, 2010

The Inquisitor reports on the Rock Solid/Calvary situation

Finally, an investigative story on the Rock Solid situation.
People are talking about this incident, and most are wondering why the newspaper and TV stations haven’t dug out some facts and given them to the public. There are plenty of rumors floating around, but very little factual coverage.
Well, until the Inquisitor came out this morning. I’ve been approached by several people this week and every one of them has said ‘wait for the Inquisitor, maybe we can find out what happened’. They were right.

Now I know Danny Lawler doesn’t have the resources of Gannett or Viacom, but what he lacks in resources he makes up for in practical application. By that, I mean by picking up the telephone and asking questions.
Now The Times, KTBS and KSLA all have some great reporters. My question is, who stopped them from reporting on this and why?

Coverage from The Times
Coverage from KTBS
(KSLA removed their story)
No one is out to get Rock Solid or Calvary. I don’t think that Rock Solid is bad, or that the people involved in it are bad.
I do, however, think the way they handled this with the parents of children attending their camp is deplorable. They should have notified parents, called a meeting and laid it all out. How could they possibly think that they would buy parents trust by stonewalling the affair?
They also need to explain their situation as regards licensing.  Apparently they say they are not a day care, but it seems to me that if you leave your children with them from the time they get out of school until you pick them up, or send them to a summer program, that is daycare.
Shreveport Detective Jeff Allday said that had someone from the camp gone looking for the boys and reported the situation, it may have never been known. As far as it goes, that is true. I still have a problem understanding how a 14 year old and an 8 year old ended up together in a locker room shower, half hidden by a curtain.
Rock Solid’s website says that they ‘guarantee’ the safety of the children. I don’t think so.
I have an 8 year old grandson. His parents considered putting him this program because they had heard so much good about it, but the distance to South Shreveport was a little too much. He ended up staying at his Aunt’s house in his cousin’s charge during work hours. She seemed to enjoy it and so did he.
I feel a great deal of relief knowing that Rock Solid didn’t ‘love on him’ this summer, his cousin did just fine.
Grab your buck-fifty and head for the corner store, you need to grab an Inquisitor.


  1. I can't believe Channel 12 took it down, and the others didn't do any investigation. Guess we need to consider the Inquisitor our go to source for news.

  2. The most likely reason Channel 12 took it down was due to the pressure from Calvary. Calvary is Evangel Junior.

  3. This story just gets weirder and weirder. Like a lot of things around here lately.

    I've got a buck and four bits I ain't doing nothing with...I'll go get one.


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