Saturday, August 28, 2010

Vitter, Melancon win primary nods

Oh wait, the polls don't close until 8PM.  Think I'll stick with the headline though.
I am very interested in seeing how many people vote in the first ever Libertarian primary.

UPDATE:  It will be Vitter and Melancon.  In the 4th District congressional race Bossier City Minister David Melville won the nod from Democrats to face off against incumbent John Fleming.
Melville is former governor Buddy Roemer's brother-in-law.


  1. I'll say this, the Democrats couldn't have made a better choice for a candidate. This may turn out to be a real race.

  2. If you have not yet seen the results of the Libertarian primary, 2,479 voted in their primary. 1,529 or 61.7% voted for Hayes, while 950 or 38.3% voted for Gentile.

  3. no more democrats they are screwing our country up enough. Don't care who gets voted in; republican, independent, or liberarian. just no damn democrats.

  4. Anon @ 4:48,
    Beware of what you ask for when you say you want anyone but Democrats. I totally agree we don't need any more Democrats and we don't need liberal Republicans (like Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, LIndsey Graham, and John Mc Cain to name a few). We sure don't need Independents like Bernie Sanders from Vermont who is a total socialist. Some Liberatarians can be really whacky with some of their total freedom from governmental controls.
    What we need is pure conservatives (there's no such thing as a conservative Democrat.) Unfortunately, there aren't many conservative Republicans either.
    What we need to do is what they did 200 years ago, go out and find a successful businessman and send him kicking and screaming to Washington, D. C. to serve two years in Congress and after those two years he was free to return to his regular life. He was careful as to what he passed during those two years, because he also knew that if he passed crappy legislation he was going to be stuck with it when he returned to being a regular citizen.

  5. G.R., I would love to see someone run with the promise that they would serve one term and come home. The argument would be that they couldn't get anything accomplished in two years.

  6. Jim,
    Exactly! One day I was out mowing the yard and felt pretty good about life. I was relecting on how God had been good to me, which he has, then I realized why God was being so good to me. Congress and the Louisiana legislature was in recess, and no idiotic bills were being presented. And as far as gridlock, the libs say the word as if it were a bad thing.

  7. I meant to say that Congress and the Louisiana legislature was not in session.


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