Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Judge Cox accepts amended plea in Fite case

Judge Jeff Cox has accepted an amended plea in the Matthew Fite case. Fite pled guilty to Distribution of Methamphetines and was sentenced to 30 years, with no probation or parole for the first 2 years, subject to time served (which is just over 2 years).
To rehash the case a little, Fite bought drugs from Paul Martin and then gave Dorothy Gail Wilson some of the meth and a needle so she could shoot up. Wilson overdosed and died. An autopsy revealed that she had no other drugs in her system.
Martin pled guilty in March of last year and was sentenced to 25 years, all but 12 suspended, to run concurrent with sentencing from Caddo Parish.
I’ll surprise some people by saying that I believe this is not a bad plea arrangement. I thought the 2nd degree murder charge was a bit of an overreach and it may have been difficult to persuade a jury that the case warranted 2nd degree. The prosecution was able to get substantial sentences on both individuals. Good job.
The prosecution was represented by Charles Jacobs.


  1. why dont all the bloggers just say - they are ignorant of the real facts of anything to which they comment - they understand little about which they so firmly and affirmatively comment - and that they generally are just hate mongers and blowhards that have little to offer other than negative uninformed comments with an agenda to besmirch someone they have a grudge against for whipping thier asses in a political race - ha

  2. Nice to have someone of your high intellect in here to keep us all straight.

  3. so now you're selling out to the DA.

  4. KTBS is calling the judge "FLIP FLOP" - ha ha - tough on crime - easy on crime - where are the bloggers

  5. I don't think it was a 'flip-flop'. I think he saw something in the first plea that was offered that was unacceptable and it was addressed.
    As to selling out to the DA, no, I believe they did a good job on this one by getting two substantial sentences. If I think the DA or Sheriff or any other official is right, I will say so. If I think they are wrong I will say so.

  6. Judges shouldn't get involved in plea agreements because they don't know the facts of the case, what witnesses are alive or dead to help or hurt a case nor what those alive but crazy drug addict witnesses might say at trial. I was very disappointed in Judge Cox's decision to "void" the original agreement but even more impressed with his decision, and he knew it would be controversial, to revisit the issue and make the correct decision. Kudos to Cox and DA for getting a lengthy sentence for a dopehead who may have gotten off at a jury trial.

  7. To the anon at 1:40 pm...you sound like the pot calling the kettle black. just sayin :)

  8. I agree with Jim. There was a change from the first plea agreement to the second that made Judge Cox change his mind.

  9. judge s have to be involved in pleas, they are the ones that run for reelection. Any decision in their court is their responsibility.


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