Thursday, August 19, 2010

Candidate Forum: Bryan Wooley, Mayor of Shreveport

Wooley Announces Plan For Shreveport Fire Department
Continues to Outline Ways to Increase Public Safety While Saving Taxpayer Dollars
Bryan Wooley, candidate for Shreveport Mayor, followed up his crime plan, released two weeks ago, with a plan to bring the Shreveport Fire Department up to date, guarantee safety for every citizen, save the city money and guarantee no job loss for firefighters.
“There is no doubt that our fire department’s budget is strained, but the demand for services continues to increase. We need to address the current costly finance methods and policies and put into practice new methods that will save the taxpayers money, increase public safety and ensure not one fireman loses their job,” said Wooley. “This plan is a blueprint for Shreveport’s Fire Department of the Future, allowing for the efficient delivery of fire service and providing for pay raises for the brave men and women who run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out.”
A Strategic Plan For Shreveport’s Fire Safety
Wooley’s plan focuses on four areas that will strengthen fiscal capacity, enhance operational efficiency and improving risk management:
Regional Training / Career Development
Reduce SFD training costs
Create an enterprise financing system to fund training services
Generate revenue through educational product marketing
Enhance ability to secure grant funding
Fleet and Equipment Management
Utilize a more cost efficient life-cycle funding method
Replace bond financing with tax exempt municipal lease/purchase financing
Reduce fuel consumption significantly
Reduce fleet cost due to specification revisions
Personnel and Compensation Management
Eliminate recruitment costs
Enhance staffing capabilities by utilizing comp time management strategies
Develop cost effective pay schedule funding methods
Administrative Accountability
Integrate performance and efficiency standards into policy development
Develop collaborative relationships with public and private agencies and institutions
Offer clarity in defining federal/state mandates
Streamline administrative and operational functions
Fiscal Impact
The cost reductions and revenue generating objectives of this plan represent a beneficial fiscal impact of $4 to $6 million dollars to the city of Shreveport.
To read more about Bryan Wooley’s plan to Secure Shreveport’s Future, visit
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  1. Every time I hear Wooley on TV or the radio he sounds like the kid in school reading his book report with no conviction.
    This doesn't build my confidence in him.

  2. That's about as ambiguous as anything I've seen. Where are the details? Exactly how is he going to "guarantee safety"? Is there a warranty department Shreveport citizens could call? LOLOL

    Quote from video:
    "Citizens will see and feel a police presence so they can feel safe."

    Quote from me:
    No - that makes me feel like I'm in a police state.

    Rex Moncrief

  3. Rex, I'd rather be in a police state than to be in Shreveport as it now exists.

  4. Before Lo and the other idiots ruining Bossier City are through it will be Shreveport's turn to say, "At least we're not in Bossier City."

  5. @Realist

    If you'd rather live in a police state than Shreveport, then why don't you?

    I'd rather live in a place where gun ownership was allowed and promoted and citizens were taught and encouraged to defend themselves. During a mugging, robbery, etc., you can call 911, but the police most likely won't arrive for 5-7 minutes at best.

    On the other hand, if you're victim to a robbery, and you carry a gun, you very well may have the chance to defend yourself long before the police arrive.

    Police states like Washington D.C. or Chicago are the most dangerous cities in America. They banned guns and forced law abiding citizens to only rely on government for protection. So as Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working out for you?"



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