Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Candidate Forum: Morgan Johnson, Bossier School Board District 3

My name is Morgan Johnson. I am running for Bossier School Board in District 3 which is the Benton/Cypress Lake area. This is my first time to run for public office. There are several reasons why I chose to offer myself for this position. I see quality education as the best hope that our children have for their future. I believe that we need new leaders on the School Board who are not connected to the events of the past, whose only interest is quality education for our children, accountability from the Bossier School Board administrators and getting the most out of every penny of taxpayer money. I want to see transparency and all Bossier School Board business done in an honest ethical professional manner. My hope is that the next board will develop a vision for the future of Bossier Schools and where we want to be in the next 10, 20 or 30 years. We should continue and enhance the security programs that Chief Dison is in charge of as student/teacher/employee safety is of the utmost importance. I believe that we must hire and retain the very best teachers and support employees we can. We should provide our teachers with the resources and tools they need so they can educate our children in the best possible manner. I don't understand why we don't have air conditioned busses for our children to ride on and I feel this should have been addressed years ago. I believe that the Bossier School Board should have competent managers who will deliver quality education to our students, best return on taxpayer investments and deliver on board approved initiatives. I also think we should initiate quality continuous improvements programs to reduce costs and improve student achievement. I want to see the Bossier School systems run in such a way that we can achieve quality educational goals, reduce taxes and provide the taxpaying Bossier Parish citizen the government the best return on investment possible. I will always be grateful to the Bossier Parish School system as all my daughters were educated in the Bossier system and all have turned out to be productive citizens. I want to give back to a system that has given so much to my family and my wish is for all our Bossier school students to turn into productive educated citizens. I also hope that the Bossier Parish School system will never go through scandals and loose management practices of the past four years again and that all future boards will ensure our taxpayer dollars are put to best use by holding top managers accountable for every penny. I will work hard for our students and Bossier taxpayers.
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  1. Thanks to Mr. Johnson and all the candidates who give us this information.

  2. the bossier schools cannot compete with low costs private schools. all they are worried about at that office is retirement. as a whole, bossier does not produce great students. I would love to see a long term study on that--tracking them through college. How many national merit scholars have been produced in bossier parish in the last 10 years? I would rather home school my kids that send them to a business that does not do bakc ground checks on the repair men. what a waste of tax payer dollars.

  3. Board members need to get out of the business of trying to run the schools. This has been happening over the past few years. The board,s job is to make policy, hire good administrators(not always the next in line), and get out of the way and let these people do their jobs.

    I think Jason Rowland will do an excellent job at AHS unless board members try to micromanage school activities.

    Anon at 1:02 is welcome to home school his/her children, but most parents cannot offer A.P. calc and physics but children in Bossier take these subjects from some young teachers who are a long way from worring about retirement. Their focus is teaching their students as much as possible.

  4. I think Morgan will do a great job. He is not afraid to stand up to the big people. If you want proof, see the talking points memo from Feb of 2008.

    I am also glad he is running as an independent. He is also an educated man, I think he may be from Plain Dealing. He is old enough to be experienced and young enough to keep the job for a number of years, and I know for a fact that he loves dogs!

  5. I like Morgan Johnson's grass root approach to campaigning. How many other politicians have you seen standing on the side of the road with his signs? We need people like Morgan in office who will work hard for us!


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