Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bossier School Board: On the path to squandering surplus?

The Shreveport-Bossier Tea Party has been taking a look at the proposed budget.  Go to their website and read the article, it is very informative.
So what does it all mean? It means the Bossier Parish School Board incumbents running for office have proposed a tax increase while sitting on a $20 million surplus, have proposed a budget with a $5 Million deficit, and plan on paying for that deficit with a portion of the surplus.
Tea Party coordinators have requested interviews with all of the candidates for school board.  I am very anxious to see the results.
Another question for the school system
I will be looking this week at the issue of parents transferring their kids to a school near their work.  Personally, I'm not opposed.
My question is simply why are some people allowed to do this while others are not?  The policy on this seems to be as clear as mud, and we are in the process of exploring some actual cases of people who have - and have not - been allowed to make these transfers.


  1. Any time you post something concerning the school board, you usually get very few comments. Does this mean that people do not care what this board does?

    This is an arrogant bunch who does not seem to have the best interests of the children as their number one priority.

    I hope they all are defeated at the next election.

  2. they won't be defeated. Pull your kids out. Vote with your feet. Home school, private school, anything. a message has to be sent.

  3. This problem can be traced to one person.....Debbie Hayes. She picks and chooses who gets transfers.

  4. No one cares about the school board race. Thats why no post. Instead, people want to argue about Sammy Kershaw. How gives a Sh-- about the Lt. Gov. Race, when you have a school board budget approaching 200 million and the teachers, paras, assts. staff don't get a living wage.

    Instead, we pay for AC units that may or may not get installed.

    The tea party needs to look at the School Board race closely. - but they want - all its buddies are on it - and they will get re-eleceted to tax us some more.

    I with Anon 10:49 - pull your kids out and urge a charter school be started.

    Let me go, gotta get back to the Sammy Kershaw discussion - what a joke - this board is joke, this town is a joke.

    Bunch of people who are too stupid to figure out that we are getting taken by our local govt's

    good luck

  5. That makes a lot of sense.....NOT!
    You should not run away when you are getting screwed by government. Stand and fight. That is the American way...or used to be. We have a few bad apples on the board and one or two rotten ones working for them. The answer is not to pull your kids out and run away. The answer is to expose the bad one(s) to the public and let the public deal them out. I would never refer to the Bossier residents as "stupid" but I will say that a large group of your "stupid" people could be a very compelling force.

  6. Debbie Hayes will tell you she runs the BPSB and her brother is the SHERIFF~ therefore her word is law!! It would be interesting to see how many of her Rocky Mount and Plain Dealing friends have gotten out of district transfers for their children??? Also, how many out of district transfers were validated and approved, only to have Debbie Hayes send someone to talk the parents out of sending their child to a different school??

  7. Apparently her word is not law. Docket number 120863 Anderson vs. Anderson. Apparently she was disregarding court orders and had a restraining order issued against her. To make it worse she is still disregarding court orders and giving parents a hard time or denying enrollment. Her boss has to know of the problem since the school board was named in the law suit as well. Did she win the election as superintendent? Something needs to be done about her or who ever is giving her free reign.

  8. I for one am thankful that someone finally filed suit against Debbie Hayes..... Between her and her brother, they believe that they rule Bossier Parish!! In my opinion they BOTH need to go!!!!

  9. Let's tackle one crazy at a time. This thread is about the school board and the dificulty in getting them to follow court orders. Even though Debbie Hayes seems to have her own agenda and makes her own rules.

  10. Anon @ 5:30..... Apparently you have not read the entire thread... Hayes doesn't ever intend on obeying the court order concerning transfers. It's common knowledge that this is not the first time Hayes has gotten the BPSB in hot water over her tactics. The for superintendent and also the current administration have given her cart blache to do as she sees fit! I blame the sitting BPSB for not holding her accountable, the first time transfer issues were brought to their attention.... People please remember it is an election year!

  11. I agree on the Hayes issue.... She seems to be a liability. I believe that the state should take over the district and a full audit by the AG should be done. I'm sure the last audit uncovered many unscrupulous dealings, but i'm sure in great BPSB fashion some were covered up. Surplus??? Were did that money come from?? If we have a surplus, then why even think about raising taxes? We have built 3 new schools for upper middle class children, but have not addressed issues with our inner city schools.
    I have to reframe from stepping upon my soap box!! Not nearly enough space here for my opinion... The entire school board should be voted out and central office cleaned out!!!

  12. Anon @ 7:16.... I have read the entire post. I know how she tries to use strong arm tactics. My question is why she can continue to do it. If her superiors are not willing to or are not responsible enough to control her then there needs to be an audit. How do we get it started? I assume we the citizens of Bossier can ask for it. Last time I checked it was the Bossier Parish School Board not Debbie Hayes School Board. Has any one seen the lawsuit referenced above? What was the outcome?

  13. It's very obvious why Debbie Hayes is not stopped nor been found to be contempt of court~ she is Larry Deen's sister. Being Jessie Deen's daughter got her the job in the first place~ being the sheriffs sister has helped her keep it! The school board seems to be afraid to piss Deen off! Right is right and the right thing is for the school board to fire Hayes. If it was a regular Joe blow nobody they would have been fired long ago!!!

  14. It's obvious that Debbie's superiors dont have the nerve to control her. I don't think an audit will do any good since it would probably be handled internally(covered up). I do think the best course of action would be for Lane to put his lawsuit back on the docket and see wgat happens. If it has merit then there would be repercussions for Debbie Hays. Sine the judgement would be handed down through the courts it should be free from "my brother is the sheriff" politics. Lane, your client may have her issue taken care of for now but what about the other parents who still have the same problem and no one to help them. JMHO

  15. I had to bust all of you who have spent the time writing negative comments about Ms. Hays. You all just on the chuckwagon like a bunch of flies. If you did you homework, you would of found that Ms. Hays was only doing her job as outlined in the handbook. Let me ask all of you....would you want someone who lives in Bradley, Ark., and who is not a citizen of Benton, Bossier or the state, be able to enroll her child in Benton; only because it helps her because she works at the Bossier Courthouse for Schyler Marvin. When she talked to Ms. Hays, she was asked for a residence. She said her address was in Bradley, Ark. Ms. Hays told her that she could not enroll her child in a Bossier Parish School system because she is not a resident. The rest is all political....I don't have to spell it out. You have caused an undue hardship on Ms. Hays without doing your homework. You should be ashamed!!!

  16. Are you saying the judge who signed the court order does not know the law? Who was the judge?


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