Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Candidate Forum: Randall Hayes, U. S. Senate

On August 28 Louisiana will, for the first time in living memory, hold
three statewide party primaries. One will be for the Republicans, one
for the Democrats, and one for the Libertarians. This provides us with
a great opportunity to reject the two major parties and support a third
option. Each vote that is cast in the Libertarian primary will make one
more dent in the armor of the two party duopoly.
I am a candidate in the Libertarian primary for U.S. Senate. Whether
you vote for me or for Tony Gentile, I hope that you will take
advantage of this historic opportunity to participate in a third party
primary. A significant vote share in the Libertarian primary will raise
the profile of Louisiana’s smaller political parties and make it more
likely that those parties will have an impact in the future.
The Libertarian primary is open to registered Libertarians and to
unaffiliated voters. Unaffiliated voters are those voters who either
have no party affiliation or who are affiliated with one of Louisiana’s
nonrecognized parties (e.g., the TEA Party, the Conservative Party,
the Constitution Party, the Pirate Party, the Southern Party, the
Americans of Color Party, the Marijuana Party, the Christian Party).
In 2008 I started and organized the effort to place Ron Paul on the
general election ballot in Louisiana and I served as a Presidential
Elector candidate for the Ron Paul slate.
I have a B.A. in Radio/Television/Film from ULM and a J.D. from
LSU. I’ve worked in television production, finance, and other fields. I
was born and raised in north Louisiana.
I am a member of several civic and advocacy groups, including the
Coalition for Free and Open Elections, Law Enforcement Against
Prohibition, the Marijuana Policy Project, Mensa, and the Kurt
Vonnegut Society.
I blog at The Bald Cypress.
You can follow my campaign and learn more about my ideas by
visiting my campaign blog at anti-politician.com.
If you are a candidate for any office and want to get your message out, email me with a few paragraphs about why you believe you should be elected and we will publish it. Send it to mybossier@gmail.com.


  1. My voter registration has listed my party as "NONE" ever since the Louisiana Open Primary went into effect. I've always had a libertarian bent, especially on matters like drug laws because of my "give them enough rope to hang their own fool selves" thinking. In the past few years, I have come to the realization that the tax and spend Democrats and the borrow and spend Republicans have driven the government into bankruptcy, and the Libertarian Party is the only hope we have for the USA to survive. I have not decided between the two of you, but I will be voting in the Libertarian primary, and I will vote for the winner in the general election.

  2. Realist,

    Regardless of which of us you vote for, thank you for voting Libertarian.

    No matter who wins the primary, I also look forward to supporting the Libertarian nominee in November.

  3. Well I am a proud Republican and not a Libertarian and will not be voting for Mr Hayes but I wish him the best of luck

    However let me point out something sad related to something that is brough up in this announcement.. For the many that hate the two party system in Louisiana or elsewhere please note this "first" we are seeing will also be a "last" because we are going back to a open primary.

    Why? Not only do I think it hurts the opportunity for party building for my GOP it really hurts people like Hayes Libertarians. So now instead of a debate in a primary where they will get some exposure their people will be picked in the futuresome convention or meeting no one is aware of. Recall when the GOP tried to do this (DISASTER).

    Yet where is the outrage from folks that want choices. That want more than just a D and R? No one seems to care and the Governor signed it because well I suppose there was no public outcry because I think it was wrongly percieved by haters of the two party system that this hurt Republicans and Democrats!!


  4. Dude, you really get spammed!!! This must be the Parish Seat of spam.

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