Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bossier Sheriff inducted into Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame

Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen was recently inducted into the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame.
“I couldn’t have achieved this nomination without all of the great people here at the Bossier Sheriff’s Department and the wonderful citizens that we serve,” said Sheriff Deen. “This is an extremely high honor for both me and our department.”
On July 16, Bossier Sheriff Larry Deen was inducted into the Hall of Fame. He was selected unanimously from a list of more than 100 nominations for this honor. This award is for the men and women of Louisiana who serve their community and state in the honorable profession of law enforcement, judiciary and related fields including governmental service, corrections, education communications/media, victim services, volunteers, sponsors and community activists.
All nine inductees have an exhibit in the museum for one year which is then part of a permanent display with all of the previous inductees.
Sheriff Deen’s display case in the Louisiana Justice Hall of Fame features memorabilia and photos from his 22 years of service to the people of Bossier Parish. The case includes photos and collateral from his meetings with three presidents.
For more information on Sheriff Deen’s award or the museum, visit


  1. Congratulations galore!!! May you continue to serve.

  2. Where did you get that, from the sheriffs website?

  3. Congrats to Sheriff Dean!

  4. Anon at 1:01 - as a matter of fact, it did come from the Sheriff's website.


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