Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Benton Officers have Meth Encounter

Sometimes it is suprising what can happen practically outside your house and you are unaware.
Benton police arrested David Kingston and his wife Tammy Kingston Monday after a bad encounter with the Kingston’s rolling meth lab.
They were pulled over for driving without lights in the rain. Officers were suspicious and asked to search the vehicle. They were overcome by the chemicals and had to be hospitalized.
Both are charged with Possession of Schedule II CDS
Creation of a Clandestine Lab
Manuf/Dist/Produce Schedule II CDS
Possession of Schedule II CDS
Possession of over 12 grams of Ephedrine
Tammy Kingston’s bond is set at $295,000, David’s at $295,100. The extra $100 is for driving without lights. They are both enjoying the hospitality at Bossier Max.
Good job Benton PD.


  1. One of those dumbest criminals from a couple of years ago in El Dorado. A couple of guys were working their meth lab when the Union County Sheriff was driving home passed the house and saw 2 men come running out of the house on fire. He wheels in the driveway and puts them out. After a short stay in the hospital, they were transported to their new home. The Union County Jail.

  2. Great job Benton Police officers...we are proud of you!!!


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