Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey City Hall - can you hear me now?

I have heard from a number of people today who were attempting to email their city councilman regarding the police and fire layoffs. All of the email was coming back with a message that it was undeliverable.
One source said that they shut down the server because the amount of email was overloading it.
Telephone? The City Council office didn't answer today.
Hopefully, they will take care of the problem and make sure that they can get input from the people.
Make no mistake, the people will be heard.
Nothing about the layoffs is addressed on the city's website. There is a message from the mayor about how great the Cyber Innovation Center is, but nothing about the decimation of the fire and police departments.
City officials have known for some time that a problem was looming, but chose not to address it publicly - especially in the election last fall. Rather than hold meetings and get public input in anticipation of the shortfall, they stuck their collective heads in the sand and then within one week announced the budget crisis and the layoffs.
Fait Accompli? Won't work in this case - better start communicating.


  1. My email was sent back undeliverable.

  2. I wonder is they also locked the doors.


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