Sunday, October 18, 2009

New Facebook Group seeks alternative to Police & Fire layoffs

UPDATE: Sunday 7AM 326 members - Monday 7AM 970 members - Monday 5PM 1257 members

Since the announcement Friday of proposed layoffs in the police and fire departments and the closing of 1 or 2 fire stations, a lot of dissatisfaction is emerging from the community.
“Save our Bossier City Police and Firefighters” is a Facebook Group that was set up after the announcement. As of 7AM Sunday it already has 326 members. If you are on Facebook and would like to show support, go join the group. The link is below.
The City Council is faced with very difficult choices – the fate of the city is in their hands.
In the video below, an obviously distraught Councilman David Jones says that the challenge is to see that there is no reduction in services. The problem is that if you cut 40 positions in the police department, 40 positions in the fire department, and close 1 or 2 fire stations, there will be a reduction in services. There is no way around it.
There is a choice; go ahead and use reserve funds to pay for another year, just don’t ignore the problem and wish it away as has been done in recent years.
If the council will address the problem, hold some public forums and get input from the people of Bossier City, I believe they will discover that the people do not want to lose their protection and will step up and do what is necessary to preserve it.

Save our Bossier City Police and Firefighters Facebook Group


  1. What I thought very strange (and telling) was the comment by the mayor (I believe) on the news that the "individuals, no strike that, the positions have already been identified."

    Hmmmm... another case of a Freudian Slip? The truth usually comes out the easiest, one usually has to think about and consciously "come up" with a lie...

    Does this surprisingly budget "short-fall" even exist? Is this just another attempt to use an office's power for personal agendas? This is another problem with corruption - when it exists in one place, you start to question other actions...

  2. Bossier City Council Meeting
    Time:3:00PM Tuesday, October 20th
    Location:620 Benton Rd., Bossier City, La. Council Chambers

  3. I worked with Lo Walker while I was in the Air Force. I had a lot of respect for him but no more. He is no different than some others who get some power and the right to spent money that came from other people. He destroyed the trust that we placed in him when he was elected by not managing our money properly and now innocent families must pay for his incompetence. What a louse he is. He nor the city council will suffer. Maybe someone should look closely at how they are spending Bossier City's money.

  4. Jim, as of today they are 1270 strong and growing. There is a lot of support out there for these folks. I hope the city council is taking note!

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