Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bossier Council: Let them eat cake

‘Wham, bam, thank you m’am’ would pretty much describe the ten minute Bossier City Council meeting this afternoon, probably the shortest in the history of the city.
People attending were furious at the brush-off and at the fact that for a second week they weren’t allowed to express their concerns. I’m sure that the council will say that there are rules of order, etc. etc., a fact which no one disputes. There comes a time, however, when rules need to be thrown out the door and the electors acknowledged.

The council has done itself a great disservice by ignoring the people to this point. The mayor and council seem determined to wait for the November 17th meeting to allow anyone to say anything at all, I suppose in an effort to minimize the fallout.

What they are doing is making sure that it is infinitely worse. What in the world are they thinking?

Perhaps they should read some of the remarks from the 3,000 strong Facebook group Save our Bossier City Police and Firefighters.

  • Let's make cuts starting with those who missmanaged the money in the first place.
  • The mayor and his staff should be ashamed.
  • They need to see that we wont be quiet while they consider making a decision that could so adversely affect our collective safety..
  • All those who have protected and served Bossier....is this what they deserve? I think not....
  • We are in complete support of our Bossier Police and Bossier Firefighters...trim the budget in across-board salaries of everyone!!!
  • trimming the police and fire is the last place they need to start with budget cuts!!!! your city not safe without them!!!
  • well everyone needs to pray for the citizens of bossier..the have an IDIOT for a mayor


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