Friday, October 23, 2009

Bossier City Council struggling to find solution for budget crisis

Updated: Councilman David Jones said this afternoon "Our goal is to save jobs and not lay off a single employee," Jones said. "And I think we can do it."

Bossier City Council members are struggling to find alternatives to the massive public safety layoffs proposed by Mayor Lo Walker last week. Council members have been flooded with calls and emails from concerned citizens.
As of this writing, council members still have not received the proposed budget from the mayor.
There will be a council meeting Tuesday at 3PM, and Channel 3 is reporting that the budget will be on the agenda. Public turnout is expected to be very heavy.
The people of Bossier City are represented by a councilmen within their district and by 2 at-large councilmen.
Some of the emails that councilmen have received have been very hostile. Please remember in your correspondence and phone calls to keep it decent and as simply as possible to express your views on the matter.
We will post more as it is available.


  1. Do you think the budget they release today MIGHT be different than last Friday? Hmmmm

  2. No one has mentioned the proposed budget today. Makes you wonder if charges are be made...

  3. Good for David Jones, now I hope some others will speak up too.

  4. Good for David Jones.... But he as well as everyone else in the City Administration HAS TO GO in 3 years. Please don't let citizens forget this. 3 years is a long time from now. People tend to forget. The Police and Fire are being used as political pawns...


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