Friday, October 2, 2009

Man killed in Bossier City Police shooting

KSLA is reporting that a Bossier City police officer has shot and killed a man after an altercation this afternoon.
Updated: The man was involved in a battery on a woman at Walgreens at Shed Road and Airline Drive. The woman was taken to Willis-Knighton.
Police caught up with the man on Old Minden Road at Texas Street, where he fought officers. No details are available at this point.
Earlier this afternoon a Shreveport Deputy Marshal fired five shots at a suspect who crashed his car into the city car.
Thursday night, a Caddo Deputy shot and killed a man on a domestic call.


  1. I would like to believe there was no other way for the police officers involved to have acted in the only way possible in this situation. I consider myself respectful of any law abiding circumstance; however, I hope someone can explain to me how the veteran officers involved could not have used some other means to subdue this person.

  2. This young man had had three other altercations with Bossier City's finest(?). The result of each prior incident was hospitalization. Scott was bipolar and off his meds when he was gunned down. Scott was shot in each leg initially and went down to the ground. He apparently then tried to get up when he was unmercilessly shot three more times in the chest. He was unarmed. These two brave police officers could have tazed him; or, they could have billy clubbed him; but, no, they chose to gun him down like a dog. There were witnesses who refuted the police version of this murder. While a grand jury predictably no-billed the two brave shooters, a civil or federal court will soon deal with the real facts in this case; and, hopefully these two murders will get their due...

  3. I am ashamed of the police department for ther participation in torture. 7 hours of kneeling was needless and would cause permanent knee damage. Our administration is telling Arabs that protesting is democratic and they should follow suit of the Citizens of the United States. Well , obviously, after reading all the feedback from the " free " citizens of the United States, I would say that the freedome we and the Arabs are told about and their reality is too different things. The policing agencies of the United States are directly involved in beating , torturing and killing the citizen's of the United States, as well as racketeering ( running a private security business out of the policing agancies - According to the Grand Jury in the State of Washington, running any business out of the policing departments is considered racketeering ), and hiring ( criminal cops ) police that have been previously arrested and or sued for previously murdering someone while in custody. This problem goes further than isolated incidents of personal torture. Our policing departments are racketeering and criminal. Yet The United States ignors the cries of the citizens of the United States and continues to tell the world that protesting is democratic.


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