Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bossier City Mayor adopts bunker mentality

Lo Walker tossed a hand grenade to the city council a couple of weeks ago and then ran for cover. He still hasn’t emerged, preferring to let the city council take the heat, and taking it they are.
The bunker mentality that the administration has adopted does not sit well with either the council or the people of Bossier City. People are up in arms, and council members, while attempting to maintain public decorum, are privately furious with the mayor.
This is a city government that has grown accustomed to flying under the radar with very little attention from the governed. That has changed. While the mayor prefers to wait until the middle of November to address concerns in a public forum, the council has announced that the budget will be on the agenda at Tuesday’s 3PM meeting, and that people will be allowed to speak.
I believe it is safe to say that this will be the most largely attended council meeting in Bossier City history, and that attendance will only grow as this matter is further discussed in the coming weeks.
The city finance director said that the administration had finally just put the pieces of the puzzle together. That’s interesting, because others have been aware of a pending crisis for some time.
Marsha McAllister ran for councilman-at-large in this year’s municipal election and received 20% of the vote. We noted at the time that this was a good showing for a first time candidate who was running against two incumbents. Mrs. McAllister addressed the city’s financial situation at that time, but was largely ignored.
Mrs. McAllister believed that with decreased revenues and increased spending, and with the fact that the city had used surplus funds to fund the budget for a couple of years, it was inevitable that problems would follow. It is a shame that other candidates chose not to address this during the election.
Councilmen are working to find a solution to the budget crisis without cutting any positions. While they are not blameless in this, they are stepping up and addressing it now, and they are interacting to varying degrees with the public. Councilman David Jones is personally answering his email and addressing questions from the public. It would be good to see the mayor do the same.


  1. He is so gone next election. Shame we have to wait so long.

  2. "Citizens may voice concerns about the budget during the City Council's November 17th meeting...anyone who wishes to speak may do so."

    The Mayor does not want anyone speaking at the upcoming city council meeting PERIOD.

    Shall we get a chant started of "RESIGN RESIGN RESIGN RESIGN"??
    There will be a "mob" of citizens, whether they all like it or not.

  3. We DO NOT have to wait!! A recall is in order! Looking at the salaries of this administration in today's Times is enough to make you sick! The median household income for our area is 52,3000, The incompetence and outright lying to get re-elected by this administration is disgusting!

  4. No kidding. The city attorney is making THAT much and he is allowed to run a private law practice. This is Bossier City, NOT Manhatten. They all need to do us a huge favor and resign!

  5. While down here in Cenla we have an inept city council that shut's out the Mayor, and a half way decent mayor at that, I might add..
    Our council is so full of it, they cannot focus on the most basic problems. We feel your pain Bossier!

  6. I didn't think those salaries were out of line. you get what you pay for.

  7. Remember the administration does not set their own salaries. This is done by the city council based on comperable salaries of other cities.

  8. No, the mayor proposes, the council disposes. I think they will dispose of the 5% raises for the mayor's staff rather quickly.

  9. Have you even looked at the salaries for other cities or are you just reciting the retoric you have heard! Tha mayors of Las Vegas, Dallas and Fort Worth make approx 60,000 a year! Lo Walker should be impeached and take his overpaid staff with him! If your secretary can't answer the phones too, you need a new secretary! Lynn Austin should hide his face in shame! The coucil should be forced to change their meeting time!


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