Sunday, October 25, 2009

Councilman Don Williams was lone dissenting vote on last two budgets

Bossier City District 3 Councilman Don Williams was the lone dissenting voice in voting against the current (2009) budget when it was voted on last year. Councilman Williams commented in a council meeting about his concerns with city spending, transferring of monies and also his concern with Civic Center revenues.
According to council minutes, the vote reflected:
Ayes: Mr. Larkin, Mr. Montgomery, Mr. Irwin, Mr. Darby, Mr. Jones, Dr. Rogers
Nays: Mr. Williams
Mr. Williams also voted no to the previous (2008) budget that was approved in 2007.
While it is easy to blame all of the councilmen all of the time, it also behooves us to look and the record and see where each one stood.
As long as we are pointing fingers we should remember the old saying about having three pointing back at us. Consider this entry in the council minutes from 2007:
"Public Hearing for the 2008 City of Bossier City Budgets. Joe Buffington, City Finance Director, explained some of the major budget items. Hearing nothing from the public, the Public Hearing was closed."


  1. I am sure that all of the councilmen can write a good speech, but I think the actual voting record says a lot. I will be interested in what each of them have to say on Tuesday.

  2. THe main reason he voted against it was because it tapped into the boat money. Had the budget left it out, as he wanted, we would have lost personnel last year.

  3. And the year before . . . but he addressed it with his no vote in a way that no one else did.

  4. What little bird trip did 2 city employees(councilman and city attorney) and our illustrious da go on last week with big land developer! Did they each pay for all their expenses? Is this the beginning of another "sweet" deal! Hopefully, this was part of their vacation time. And you wonder where the money goes///give me a break!

  5. Anon 2:26; We need to know which councilman so we can ask him about it DIRECTLY if you know what I mean?

  6. Birds of a feather . . .


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