Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bossier and Caddo Parishes suffer damage from tornadoes, heavy storms

Homes and businesses without power
18,000 in Bossier and 4,000 in Shreveport are without power.
A pine tree fell in Mimosa Gardens neighborhood in Haughton and cut a brick house in half. A 94 year old woman was rescued from debris and is in good condition.
Greenacres Place Townhouses had a fire, and trees were down in Greenbriar and in Greenacres Place. Some houses suffered heavy damage.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported.
Residential areas along Airline Drive were hit hard, particularly Bayou Bend, Cross Creek, Oak Creek and Cypress Point apartments.
Homes around Princeton were also damaged.
The steeple was blown off the First Methodist Church in downtown Shreveport and fell on a car. The driver is in stable condition.
In Bossier, Shed Rd, Beckett St, Airline Dr at Douglas, all streets entering Greenacres subdivison off Benton Rd are closed.
Bossier City police and fire departments are on the job dealing with the situation.


  1. Yeah. Things will work out real good once all the police and fire get their layoffs. Maybe these morons running this city will come to their senses.... Probably not.

  2. The timing of this crisis is incredible. We can see so clearly how administration raises, increased travel budget are so insignificant compared to the services of our first and police. They are the first called and should be the last to go!!! God bless you and your service and thank you!

  3. MIAMI AFP — Violent rainstorms and a tornado swept through central Florida, leaving a dozen people injured and damaging more than 200 homes on the Christmas holiday, local authorities said. The storms ripped through several counties but "the most significant damage has been reported north of Deland and in mainland

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