Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pssst. Bossier City. CIC has your money!

Bossier City officials are considering layoffs in light of the news late in the budgeting process that they are facing a 6.5 million dollar deficit. Some are wondering where the money went. Too late to recoup any of this, it is all dedicated:
To persuade the Air Force to permanently locate Cyber Command at Barksdale, Bossier City and Bossier Parish officials have together earmarked $50 million to create a 58-acre cyber innovation center. It would provide space for research and development by civilian contractors. The state has pledged $50 million more.” The Times - 2007
How did that work out?
Cyber Innovation Center: Taxpayer $$$$$ and Sexy Science
DOD announces New Pentagon Cyber Command
Local governments trying to breathe life into cyber efforts
CIC Director: New businesses and millions in research now here


  1. Sad that hard working citizens are going to suffer the consequences and results of irresponsible government. Someone else should bear the hell of unemployment in today's economy. Instead of looking to cut the working man's (or woman's) job... why don't you start with some local government cuts at the top?

  2. You cannot spend capital money on reoccuring operational expenses. What do you have to show after it is all gone.


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