Friday, October 23, 2009

KMSS will carry Saints game this weekend

When Channel 33 in Shreveport announced that they would carry the Dallas Cowboys this Sunday at 3PM rather than the Saints, fans reacted. In fact, it caused such an uproar that KMSS decided to put a poll up on their website and let the viewers decide.
The results were not surprising, to me at least. Geaux Saints!

Which team game would you like us to air this Sunday, 3:00pm?
New Orleans Saints vs Miami Dolphins 81% (2793 votes)
Dallas Cowboys vs Atlanta Falcons 19% (658 votes)
Total votes: 3451


  1. kmss has an East Texas audience too.

  2. Yeah but they don't get a vote....
    If you live in Louisiana, you should be able to see the Louisiana team play on Sunday...
    Support the Saints!!!
    And anyone who plays the Cowboys!!!

  3. Yeah anon at 11:07, what you said!

  4. Got to say something I dont' get to say very often. SAINTS 5-0


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