Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bogus 'conspiracy theories' keep popping up regarding the Sentell incident

I just want to clear the air on a couple of points. In reading the comments on My Bossier, Channels 3 and 12, and The Times, a theme seems to have appeared that goes hand in hand with Eric Johnson’s statement to the Inquisitor, twisting, as I have said previously, information that obviously came from the Bossier DA’s office. That theme is that there was a ‘conspiracy’ against Mr. Sentell, and that my family was ‘out to get him’.
I suppose that conspiracy involved recruiting a pit boss at Horseshoe to alert security and then having the security get the police officer who was working at the Horseshoe that night. This fraudulent conspiracy hit the heights in the Times on Wednesday with this comment on an article about the incident:
If the AG declines prosecution (which I predict he will quickly), it will be because there is NO EVIDENCE to support the charges. Of course, we already know that. This was a plan by Officer Wells and his father to try to force Mr. Sentell to resign. I also suspect and hope that Mr. Marvin does indeed rehire Mr. Sentell, and that prior to that, he finds the evidence he needs to fully prosecute Officer Wells for filing a false police report and conspiracy, and to prosecute his father for conspiracy as well.
To enlighten the commenter and others of his ilk, until two weeks ago I had never heard of Sherb Sentell. I was aware there was a Sentell Law Firm in Minden, but that was the extent of my knowledge.
Now, of course, I realize that he is apparently a big whoop-de-doo in Minden, and that’s fine. I don’t live in Minden and don’t generally concern myself with Minden affairs. As I said, I never heard of the man before the arrest took place and certainly bear him no ill will.
So add that to your conspiracy list. I was allegedly conspiring against someone I never heard of for reasons that have been proven to be untrue.
But I doubt that the truth will stop the rumors, it seldom does.


  1. You're just a patsy Jim. Please don't give us all up. LOL

  2. If it were me, I would be looking to sue someone for Libel and Slander. Who is being dilusional now? If they have a case against you and your son, then file charges. Quick trying to try the case in the court of public opinion. That tells me they don't have anything. I am quickly getting an image of people I have never heard of and it aint good. Everytime someone speaks they show a little bit more about their character.

  3. Jim, you are a better man than me! I admit now, not before, I am biased and my ax is more like a hatchett. I am totally outraged at the actions. Some families should have stopped one short of this generation.

  4. I live in Minden and I do know of Sentell. He's a fraud and most people know it. I believe everything the police said about him. He is very arrogant. I don't believe two police officers would make accusations on a written report and say the tape would back them up if it was not true. We will probably never get to see that tape. Its a cover up! P.S. Marvin and the AG are gooooood buddies!

  5. If someone would start a petition to kick Marvin out I would be the first one to sign!

  6. Best thing ever happened to Webster Parish is when Sentell resigned. He's as corrupt as they come!

  7. I do not believe the theory that you and your son are conducting a vendetta against Sentell and Marvin. But I do believe that, once Sentell was arrested, Sentell and Marvin started conspiring with many of their cronies to carry out the threats that Sentell made, and to sabotage the prosecution of Sentell. It looks like Halphen may be in on this, perhaps by arm-twisting. If they want me to believe that the charge of public intimidation is bogus, then they should post the video/audio from the police car.

  8. I do not know you , Jim, but I have more respect for you than I do Marvin or Sentell. You tell both sides of what you know. Marvin has always tried to cover up his wrong doings. Everyone was surprised by Sentell's resignation, because early on Marvin appeared to back him all the way. I was not surprised because I know Marvin and how he operates. He is crooked, a thief, a liar, a drunk and it is always all about him. He jumped up quickly to defend Sentell, but the first time it looked bad for Sentell, Marvin asked him to resign. Marvin's attempt to distance himself as always from negative publicity. You are only Marvins's friend as long as it suits him. If there is a chance that Sentell's action would reflect poorly on him he had to cut him loose. From what I know from talking to people who have in fact listened to the tapes in the police car; Sentells action do in fact rise to the level of public intimidation. I am glad MC made copies and look forward to him releasing them. I have heard straight from the jack a** mouth, I mean horse's mouth that he did not know how the he** we are going so spin this one because of how many time Sentell said the f word and how drunk he was. Keep doing what you are doing. Anyone stupid enough to believe this far fetched concpiracy theory obviously does not know Schuylar. I can guarantee you that Marvin and his cronies are the ones making any postive comments about Marvin on the other post. Ive seen him do it when they get in a room and all disguise their voice and they used to call in good comments about Marvin to the inquisitor when Marvin first elected. As far back as wehn shreveport times had "to tell the times" call ins

  9. Schuylar has needed to step down for quite a while now.When he took over in 2003, I believe we all had high hopes for an improvement in Bossier and in Webster also. Jim had been out of the office for so long with his injury; they literally were not even trying cases over there. Marvin came in with too many of his good ole friends. He hired that one female and did a big promotion on her "she hit the ground running" Boy she did. She tried and convicted somewhere near like ten cases in six months. Big cases, hard cases. She left and Schuylar had to make that personal. Call it anyway you like to once that girl left no assistant was qualified to try those big cases. Schuylar showed his butt the week or so after. He took a case to trial that she warned him he should not make his capital murder debut on, but his ego had to show her that they could win big without her. Well not only did Schuylar not get the death penalty on his first case out of the box, the da** killer got off scott free. Not Guilty, can you believe that? Schuylar was doing ok before his daddy died, then he thought he could just run those offices without anyone teling him anything and now every other day I have to read about the corruption of our Parish and our Dirty DA's office.

    It is just time, I mean it is time for that boy to grow up and act like a man. Stop riding around all day drinking beer; his poor secretary said she can't get him to return a single phone call. He wont even get voice mail on his mobile so he won't have any messages to return. That boy has got to learn that he is accountable and if he can't be accoutable he aint; ready for a man's job. Stop all this foolishness. Blaming these negative comments on old cases, judge's elections that done been over and other stuff that just don't matter. Take control of your ofice boy. Get rid of all your friends who don't know two bits about criminal prosecution, get you some expereinced workers in there and no they dont all have to be your friend. Hang out with your friends when your businsess is done. You better clean up your mess boy or you gonna be in serious trouble and I aint talking bout the kind you can laugh off or call a friend to fix. Your gonna wind up in some serious trouble and then whats Jodie and them kids gonna do for a daddy? husband? They gonna be shamed of you and you can put a stop to all this foolishness before it gets to that. God bless your family and you too. I pray you do the right thing or bow out before you really do disgrace that family of yours

    October 16, 2009 7:13 PM
    I agree with this anon. I might add that the disgrace is already there to the ones who know Will take a Hail Mary now! maybe several of them to clean up this mess.

  10. The silence is deadening on the western front.

  11. As far as Sentell is concerned, I've never (thankfully) had professional dealings with him, but I did attend Glenbrooks' commencement ceremony last year. Sherb Sentell III was the main speaker, and it was a very strange speech indeed... a VERY long, self-aggrandizing event, where at the end he had each student march, one at a time, down to the podium to receive... their diploma? NO! A book that HE thought they should read!! (not sure what it was - did he write it?) There was an uneasy weirdness from the students and guests while this spectacle took place...

    Searching around the net, I came across this:

    "Honeymoon brings Active and Reserve components together"

    "Without (Sentell), I would not have had such a good time," Bathrick said. "This is one of the best experiences of my military career," Sentell said. ...

    ??? This was from 2000, and I've read that Sentell has been married for 12 years, so he was married at this time... This is NOT his honeymoon, people!!! What's this all about?!?!?

  12. Could there be "traitors"(better known as Heroes) among the da office!!! People who strive to live by a conscience soon depart from those who do not!


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