Saturday, October 3, 2009

Bossier City Principal retires after throwing beer bottle at police chief's vehicle

Tim Thompson, the principal of Stockwell Place Elementary School in Bossier City has announced his retirement after being charged with DWI.
In a bizarre incident, Thompson rode by the house of Benton Police chief Charles Pilkinton and threw a beer bottle out of his vehicle, hitting Chief Pilkinton’s personal pickup truck in the process. Pilkinton followed him in the truck and called for help. A Benton Police unit and a Bossier Parish Deputy stopped Thompson.
In addition to the DWI charge, Thompson was charged with speeding, littering and with violating the open container law.
According to this KTBS video, in 1996 Thompson was charged with being a ‘peeping tom’, but those charges were dropped.
A few years ago Thompson was named in a suit along with then Superintendent Ken Kruithof when a teacher refused to remove a cross from his door that endorsed a group called ‘Stallions for Christ’.


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