Sunday, October 4, 2009

Details coming out on arrest of Webster Parish ADA Sherb Sentell

According to a Times article this morning by John Andrew Prime, Webster Parish ADA C. Sherburne 'Sherb' Sentell III was charged with one count each of domestic abuse battery and public intimidation-bribery.
A Caddo Parish source who is familiar with the incident, which took place at Horseshoe Casino, told us that Sentell caught the attention of a pit boss who thought he was being abusive to his wife. When Horseshoe security and Bossier City Police approached him, he attempted to use his position to influence the arrest, saying that he would throw his own charges out.
According to my source, District Attorney Marvin was called and told the police in essence that he expected no special treatment for his assistant, to let him spend the night in jail and get a duty judge to set bail on Saturday morning.
Sentell also allegedly made a threat along the lines that someone would lose their job over this.
He may have been right on that point.


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  2. Who set the bond on the domestic charge?

  3. God does have his own sense of justice. Mr sentell was allowed to prosecute a Minden man and he had dated the victim. In fact she had left Mr. Sentell for the defendent years ago. It should have been a conflict of interest, but Mr. Sentell has felt that he is above the law for years and has run things pretty much as he pleased. The defendent was convicted of manslaughter, but the La. law clearly states hat he had the right to defend his home and family from an unlawful entry.

  4. springhillbilly wrote:

    10/6/2009 4:32:55 AM It is obvious that District Attorney Marvin is taking the role of defense, rather than prosecutor. And his references to "Lt. Col. Sentell" are so obviously disingenuous. I hate to be manipulated, and that is what Marvin is trying to do--manipulate me into seeing Sentell as a war hero, rather than a spousal bully. We need a new District Attorney in Webster Parish! And he or she need to sweep the office clean the day he or she takes office. They let the leaders of Hope Youth Ranch get away with the MURDER of young ALEX HARRIS. And a horribly heinous MURDER it was, being run to death in the heat of the day while being denied a drink of water. At one point he was roughed up by one of the leaders of Hope Youth Ranch for trying to get a drink of water. The Dictrict Attorney's office sends youthful offenders to the Hope Youth Ranch to be tortured in this manner, so I guess it should not be a surprise to learn that the chief prosecutor is a violent person.
    fyi posted on The Times online

  5. All the people in the Hope Youth Ranch episode went to jail. Obviously you didn't know this.

  6. springhillbilly-

    Yup, we need new DAs, judges and Sherrifs in both Webster and Bossier!!!

    "I have a dream!"

  7. the officers that drove him to jail have already been fired and/or placed on leave.

    I have never heard of this happening after a domestic violence arrest.


  9. the officers that drove him to jail have already been fired and/or placed on leave.

    dreams coming true

  10. Too bad that you are unable to distinquish a dream from a nightmare!


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