Friday, October 16, 2009

Inquisitor - Sentell may get Ron Miciotto to file suit against officers

The Inquisitor is reporting that a source told them that Sherb Sentell might get Ron Miciotto to file suit against two police officers, one of them a reserve officer who was fired without explanation, for their part in his arrest on public intimidation charges. This sort of statement, if the source is correct, may be a little premature, as the police department’s internal investigation of the incident is not completed. You can read Chief Halphen’s remarks about that in The Inquisitor also.
The article also notes that “The Inquisitor has learned that Cpl. Murray Wells, who initially arrested Sentell at the Horseshoe Casino is not in trouble and is reportedly not facing disciplinary action. It appears that the police department is standing behind Wells, citing the domestic violence law, which requires a police officer to make an arrest if he suspects a battery has occurred. They say the law is clearly on his side.”
It seems that the attempt by Eric Johnson to smear Cpl. Wells has been unsuccessful. You will recall that I posted last week about Johnson’s attempt to say the arrest was the result of some imagined “grudge” against Mr. Sentell, twisting information about a conversation I had with a Bossier Parish ADA.
How about an investigation into the fact that the Bossier DA’s office obviously fed information to a lawyer to give to The Inquisitor in an effort to discredit a police officer for doing his job?


  1. RJM and Eric Johnson are so desperate for business they will do anything.

    They are pathetic.

  2. And maybe they get the "sweet" deals for their clients! jus sayin'

  3. Yeah, like when RJM got a client (judge) put in federal prison....


    just sayin'!

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  5. Deleted commenter, you can re-post without using a name.

  6. Sorry, someone once told me that sin has consequences. Marvin wants to get the intimidation charges thrown out because they are more serious than the abuse. Marvin has to help Sentell because Sentell "has so much on Marvin". Someone should ask about a certain assistant in the Webster Da's office!

  7. OK, comment 1:00pm, someone is asking! Are you talking about an ADA or a clerical assistant? Are you talking about a female assistant, perhaps the sort of assistants who became famous in Washington some years ago when it was learned that many of them did not know how to type?

  8. You can just feel Marvins crooked little world crumbling around him.

  9. RJM does not want his hands dirty with this one that was just sentell mouthing off drunk in the police car. Eric Johnson mouthing off-well thats about all he does. I hear from a very relaible source (a man who was top contender for U.S.Atorney) That the Feds really are investigating Marvin
    People keep saying, "yeah I heard that but nothing has come of it" well remember how long it took the feds to investigate Michael Walker. Walker heard the rumors for years and then he got cocky & sloppy.

    Someone should point out to the feds that part of their investigation ought to include Johnson. He is Marvins best friend. I sure would like to see a print out of all the deals his clients have received, all the unnopposed motions to continue. I bet there is a whole bunch of crooked misdeeds that could be unturn between Mrvin & E. Johnson if someone would start digging. And I would not doubt it if Sentell had the good on Marvin. I know of one asst DA who has some really good stuff on him dont know if they have turned it over to the feds yet or not. I hope so. Its time to clean up Bossier Webster parish. Marvin reeks of booze every morning and his actions make his office reek of corruption

  10. If "we" resort to slander, "we" are no better than "they". Just a thought!

  11. The truth is not slander!

  12. Has anyone bothered to check who "Jim" is, and what his connection to this whole matter is?


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