Thursday, October 15, 2009

Phones out at Bossier Parish Courthouse

A crew working at the Bossier Courthouse has cut through phone lines, putting nearly all systems out of order.
The phone company is working now to restore service, but cannot estimate how long it will take.


  1. Well, now we know why no more comments from da

  2. i am sure it is marvin's fault, right jim?

  3. Why, do you think he is tired of all the phone calls?

  4. Jim, you are the only one to play fair/you are known/the rest of us hide in a cloak of anons.
    I really thought "they" would think you had sabataged the phone system:) :)
    You hang in there bro----"they" aint ever won, and never will with their actions!..."they" spoke of imaginary...."they" have imaginary power.

  5. I hear of a federal investigation into Schuyler Marvin. It is interesting that the lines went down. The phone system at the courthouse is voip(voice over internet protocol) which in order to tap takes reconfiguration and a reboot which in turn would cause the lines to go down. Could it be?

  6. Now who is getting paranoia--------unethical yes-------crooked no!


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