Tuesday, October 13, 2009

City of Bossier City looking at employee cuts

Bossier City's City Council will be meeting this afternoon and is expected to address the projected $6.5 million budget deficit.
The city is expected to release information Friday about cutting up to 50 jobs, mostly from the Police and Fire Departments.
The City employs about 900 people.
KTBS will update this as new information comes in.


  1. I have to say, I certainly feel bad for folks that will lose their jobs, however I certainly wonder if they would have ever had one in the first place if the city was not going into the savings trough.

    I have a better idea. I agree with no new hires. The times ran an article a while back about what officers and fireman make. First of all both departments have waaaay too many chiefs and not enough indians. Number two, the chiefs are the ones making all the big money, and most of these guys have a GED education. It is totally out of balance with society. It reminds me of these union workers at GM plant making 60grand a year with full benefits that sweep the floors. Those folks are out of business.

    the fire department has a multitude of captains making
    80K+. Across the board these guys (probably about half across both departments) making 50K +. and with the fire department, those guys mostly have second jobs anyway, cause they dont work much at all, unlike police officers. fireman sit on their ass when they are at the station anyway, playing nintendo, etc.

    the system is broke, no one has the balls to step up and doing anything about it though-will make too many people pissed off

  2. I think no new hires is a good answer. Maybe they can look at the average turnover rate and realize cuts within a short time period.

  3. I also noticed that Grambling was gonna have to make cuts too.

  4. "the system is broke, no one has the balls to step up and doing anything about it though-will make too many people pissed off "

    I totally agree. The people we need to have in positions of power are either too afraid of having their "balls" stepped on, or are not political in the first place, and don't feel [rightfully so] that they wouldn't stand a chance against the incumbents...

    I also agree about needing to keep the "indians" and freeing up some "chiefs" to let them persue other carrers... I don't think you were trying to be derogatory about firemen "playing nintendo" [who plays nintendo anymore? :) ], were you? A fireman is one of those positions that you rarely need, but you want to have ready at hand when they are required. I for one are happy to pay them [reasonably] to "sit on their ass"!

  5. OOPS!! Should have been "don't feel [rightfully so] that they would stand a chance..."

  6. well, i certainly agree we want them standing by if something happens-and they ARE needed in a big way. However i want to make two points. First, ive noticed a woman can slip down in a walmart, and you have two or three fire dept vehicles responding, with eight or so guys on the scene. i think this is gross inefficiency. Two, maybe they are playing wii and not nintendo, but regardless i think time not doing something could be time doing something productive, especially if they are being paid for all of us to do it. I dont know about everyone else, but im paid on performance and for providing value to society. A school teacher gets paid to teach classes, and plan. but i dont agree with prisoners sitting on their asses either watching tv getting free medical care, meals, etc ala the tax payer-those guys (and gals) need to be WORKING. but this isnt a shreveport problem its a nationwide problem.

    meanwhile how many million did we throw down the toilet for cyber command? somebody needs to take a look at who benefited from that scam


  8. Because KTBS puts an embed code on their videos so they can be posted in places such as this blog. KSLA does not, and puts all sorts of dire 'copyright' warnings on their articles.


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