Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Local coverage of budget crisis is mixed

Chris Redford comments on his blog about the heartbreak that the proposed fire & police layoffs is causing. “I’m not sure what caused the budget problems in Bossier, but I guarantee you I’ll be praying the city can some how come up with a solution other than laying people off.”
The Times and the TV media are not getting in much reporting on the groundswell of support for the fire and police departments.
Professor Jeff Sadow, while not addressing the cuts directly, has a scathing column on the Mayor & Council’s mismanagement. “Regardless, this latest development that highlights the poor fiscal judgment of Bossier City’s elected officials affirms that the city anthem for this crop of bozos ought to from Stephen Sondheim’s A Little Night Music: “Send in the Clowns.”


  1. Whats the big deal if a few fireman and police officers lose there job? This whole thing is being blown way out of proportion. Do any of you watch the news? People are losing there jobs all over the country. Do you think you are ammuned? Oh I get it, this shouldn't happen to city employees. Well try again, take a look see at the state of California and their layoffs. Quit your crying and go find another job like the rest of the counntry!!

  2. Why start with fire and police to bail a mayor and council out....easy fix...would take some hard work to reduce budgets, look for other areas that could be reduced.....did you look fellas? do you need some help...allow input...you may find some solutions!

  3. For starters, Jeff Sadow is a moron. He has not been to a Council meeting or a workshop in the 13 years I have been in government. The extent of his research is a newspaper that he loathes. The Council does not have a budget in their hands yet. They told the administration last year that the 4.6 million deficit would be the last time it would be funded. Sadow is proof that a PHD is a measure of persistence not inteligence. Ask him when was the last time he attended anyting at Bossier City. He will use his wife's unfortunate challenge as an excuse for his incorrect statements and justification for his venom.

  4. Anon at 9:04, you're right on the money. This was ignored for years in the hope that it would get better and maybe some Haynesville Shale money would come in. They should have started working on this a long, long time ago.

  5. Regarding "Anonymous" at 0852:

    Mr Mayor? Is that you?....wait no, you sound more like a Bossier City councilman.

    I sure hope you never need emergency medical services. Hey don't forget to lock up tight when you go on vacation. Check all of your smoke alarms...Hope that drunk on the streets doesn't hit your family. All those "crying" police and fireman won't be available to help you out in your time of need...They won't work here anymore.

  6. Anon 8:52 we don't LIVE in CA we live here by choice, criminals don't come to Bossier because of the outstanding Police Department and our insurance rates are lower because of the great class 1 Fire Department!

    Anon 9:22 What a sweetheart you are..Is your "venom" indicative of the way Bossier government views its constituents? Are you a city employee and if so what are you doing posting on a forum at 9 on a Tuesday, I guess you feel your city job is that secure. Maybe 13 years is a good cut off point!

  7. Listen up Bossier. No crime is going to go unsolved or no fire will go unattended because of the layoffs. Its called trimming the fat. Every city in the history of citys has had to have layoffs at one time or another. Every business in the history of businesses has layoffs as well. Wake up and smell the coffee, we are living in bad economic times. Where's the crys for help for the GM workers, IT professionals, financial institutions, and oil field workers just to name a few. I'm sick and tired of hearing all of this crying because of layoffs. Its happening everywhere. Are you blind until it hits in your own backyard? Face it, your local republican government has failed you! What a surprise.

  8. I think it is an injustice to the citizens of Bossier, and they should NOT lay off police & firemen, or close fire stations - that's not very smart. But the solution? Lay off the Mayor or the Finance Manager!! If they have been "short" for a while, someone should have stepped up and said 'stop' - that's irresponsible, criminal.
    That's why our crime rate is lower, our police are better than any other surrounding area. Now our insurance will go up, our sewer bills will go up, probably increased taxes, because of an irresponsible/incompetent City administration. How about garnishing the Mayor's pay check?


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