Friday, May 7, 2010

Body found in Red Chute Bayou is identified as Nancy Miller

Bossier Parish Coroner Dr. John Chandler has determined that the body found in Red Chute Bayou is that of 39 year old Nancy Miller. Miller, who has been missing since March 3rd, was last seen at the East Highland Mobile Home Park in Highland.
A witness reported seeing Miller walk into Reflections on Hwy 80. She appeared to be confused and turned around and walked out across Hwy 80 toward the Westbound Lane. Canine trackers confirmed the story of the witness. At the time, investigators believed that she may have gotten into a car with someone.
The body was spotted by fishermen on Red Chute Bayou near Louisiana Downs at about 2:30 yesterday.


  1. What a shame. Will will pray for her family.

  2. The family of Ms. Miller has my sympathy. One of my loved ones died of natural cause while hunting alone in the woods, and that period of time when we did not know what had happened to him was excruciating. I wish there had been a happy ending to this story, but at least the family now knows that their loved one is at peace. May the Lord bless them as they go forward.

  3. this story hits close to home... my aunt was murdered in December 09 & was not found until mid march by a fisherman in Johnson Chute Bayou... the time we went without knowing where she was fealt like a hellish nightmare. So sorry to this family but thank God they have their loved one back. our hearts are forever connected by this tragedy & they will never be far from my thoughts & prayers. this is a tough thing to go through.

  4. Realist and Anon at 4:10, I sincerely feel for this family and for both of you. No one should have to experience such a thing.


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