Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jury selection begins in Charles Pilkinton murder trial

Jury selection in the murder trial of Charles Pilkinton is going painfully slow today, with only 2 prospective jurors having been chosen as of 2 PM.
Pilkinton was charged in the murder on November 15, 2008 of 66 year old Raymond Tobin. Tobin was found slumped over the steering wheel of his car on Inda Drive shot twice in the back of the head. According to reports, when police arrived at the scene Pilkinton admitted to killing Tobin.
Pilkinton was represented by Shreveport criminal defense attorney Daryl Gold when the case went to trial last fall When the jury was unable to reach a verdict as to Pilkinton’s guilt, a mistrial was declared. Bossier DA Schuyler Marvin said at the time that he would retry Pilkinton.
The prosecution is once again being represented by Assistant Attorney General Clifford Strider.
We will keep you posted as the trial continues.


  1. Is this the same Pilkinton who was married to Amy Louise Tauzin, who alledgedly "committed suicide" while married to a Charles Pilkinton back in 1982?

  2. I checked the Clerk of Court's marriage license register, they were issued a marriage license.

  3. Yes, this is the same Pilkinton. He was also the same person that was a juror during the Monds murder trial and should not have been. He is a good friend of Henry Brown who prosecuted that case. He never should have been allowed on that jury. He will get off on this charge also, not because he is innocent at all, lot of things in the work here I think

  4. I remember that now...I mean the Tauzin "suicide."

    And, I vaguely remember the Monds trial. This whole thing is really weird.

  5. There is too much about the Monds trial that was bizarre. The trial became such a circus, a result of shenanigans from both sides (prosecution and defense) to where Vicky Thomas wasn't the only victim. The other victims were truth and justice.
    John Milkovich was and still is regarded by many as a raving lunatic.
    Even Henry Brown's integrity is still under scrutiny by some. (There are some comments in past posts on this blog that substantiates this claim.)
    As for me, I believed Monds is guilty.

  6. I believe Monds was guilty, it does not change the fact that Pilkinton was on that jury, he never should have been there. It leaves a lot of things open for allegations and rumors. It makes one wonder what deals were made etc? The fact is even if this guy is convicted in Bossier Parish it will be over turned on appeal I'm sure. What Judge is on the appeals court lol

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  8. Anon at 9:03 - I am reposting your comment without the last sentence, although I understand what you are saying, that's a little too much.

    Louise and I grew up together, going to school at Bossier Elementary and graduating from Airline High in 1973. I counted her as one of my good friends and was both shocked and saddened at the news of her untimely death. Louise was never the type to have taken her own life. She had confided in me before her "suicide" things weren't going well in her short marriage, but didn't elaborate and I didn't press. I was never comfortable with the ruling of "self inflicted gunshot" as her means of death. Having been away from Bossier City for many years, I wasn't aware of the legal issues, both past and present, of Pilkinton.

  9. Jim - Can we count on you for a daily update on this trial?

  10. actually the Monds case was thrown out by the Louisiana Supreme court and Monds released

  11. No, actually the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeal gave Monds an acquittal, based on their opinion that he was convicted on insufficient evidence in the first place. Had DNA testing been used (not available back then) to convict Monds, the appellate would not have released him. The 26th Judicial District had denied the motion for a new trial, which is why the appeal went to the Fourth Circuit. After the appellate gave Monds the acquittal, the district court appealed to the Louisiana Supreme Court, which refused the appeal, granting Monds freedom forever.

  12. I don't understand how a man, who has had restraining orders against him from a former wife, who was found with a bullet in her brain (Pilkinton's friend, & then Bossier D.A. Henry Brown ruled it a suicide!) can stalk his now current estranged wife, walk up in broad daylite & put two bullets in the back of the head of an unarmed minister visiting her, tell the police "I shot that mother _ucker for messing with my wife", & only receive a Negligent Homicide sentence of 5 yrs with parole in 2 yrs! Something is NOT right here!

  13. Can the Louise Tauzin "Suicide" be re-opened due to new evidence that her then-husband is now a proven killer? Who was the coroner in 1982? Was it McCormick?

    She was a good friend of my sister's ... There's too much here that just doesn't seem right - let alone the fact that women rarely use a gun to commit suicide. Does anyone remember Louise ever going hunting or being around guns?

    Appreciate any help you can give.

    1. Louise Tauzin Pilkinton left a holigraphic will in her own hand writing leaving everything she owned which was a large sum and property to her husband Charles Pilkinton. He refused to act on the will making sure thing went to her surviving family member. Her husband purchased a double grave marker and 2 grave sights one for each of them in Natchitoches with his personal funds. Also, her husband was not convicted of murder related to Mr Tobin who had two residinse addresses one in Ohio and one in Louisiana . After 2 trials mr. pilkinton accepted a nonviolent negligent offence offer from the state attorney whom Mr Marvin had called in to try the case. The presiding judge after becoming aware of the true circumstandes of the case reopened Mr. Pilkinton's prior declining the original same offer in court. Mr Pilinton protected himself as any other man would do in the dame circumstances. and this is the reason for the state offer to him Go to the courthouse and red the facts of this case and yoy will find out why the attorney general made theis offer which mr pilkinton accepted the offer. Please for the family allow Amy Louise Tauzin Pilkinton to rest in peace next to her father..


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