Thursday, May 13, 2010

Palmer Long missing

UPDATE: Mr. Long was found in Columbus, Mississippi. Family is en route to pick him up.

Palmer R. Long, Sr., 88, was last seen around 9 a.m. Wednesday leaving his Shreveport residence to go to Minden, LA, police said.
Long, the son of former Louisiana Governor and U.S. Senator Huey P. Long, was driving a blue 2006 Mercedes Benz E350 with Louisiana license plate #H212464.
Long is 6' tall and weighs about 135 pounds.
Anyone with information as to the whereabouts of Palmer R. Long, Sr. should contact the Shreveport Police Department at 673-7373.


  1. Let's pray for Mr. Long's safe return.

  2. I heard he was found in east Mississippi.

  3. Jaybike, thanks. I just got in and put an update on the blog.

  4. I'm glad they found Mr Long.

    Columbus, MS is a loooooong way off for an old fellow.

    I'm hoping the family will maybe take the keys to the Mercedes, and find Palmer a place to live where he can not possibly stir up his family, all the news outlets, blogs, State Police, etc.

    We all know that "It's hell getting old!" And, we will all get there one day (if we live long enough). I'm just hoping there is a take-charge "somebody" in that family that will "take charge."

  5. I don't know him, other than by reputation (and it's a good one), but just taking a wild guess when you look at that genetic makeup, I'll bet that will be a job!

  6. Probably so, Jim...probably so.

    Actually, I had NO idea that Huey still had living children, or that one was around here until I saw the APB last night on the late news.

    I didn't even know of Mr. Long by "reputation," and I'm happy to read that what you know of his is a "good one."

    Sad deal, for sure.

  7. He's been in Shreveport for years. You know his mother (Rose) lived in Shreveport until she died, in the same house that she and Huey P. built in Shreveport.

  8. Well crud, Jim! Now, I remember!


  9. Ha! And you make old jokes about me!

  10. Isn't his brother Russell Long, who I think use to be a congressman?

  11. G R, Russell Long was his brother and was a senator for many years. He first took office I think in 1948 when his uncle Earl K. Long was governor.
    Later, cousins Speedy Long and Gillis Long both served in congress. The Long dynasty was very deep rooted, I remember when everyone was either pro-or anti Long.


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